Lumex Bathroom Safety

Lumex contains a huge range of bathroom aids and bath aids which is ideal for the elderly and the disabled. Lumex Bathroom Safety Products are available to assemble bathroom for more safety and comfort for the client with special needs. Shop now at unbeatable rates!
6 Products

Lumex PVC Shower Commode Chair

    Earn 199 Points ($2.00)

    Lumex 22" PVC Shower Commode Chair with Sliding Footrest

      Earn 248 Points ($2.50)

      Lumex 20" PVC Reclining Shower Commode Chair

        Earn 533 Points ($5.30)

        Lumex Splash Bath Lift

        The Splash Bath Lift is the lightest battery-operated bath lift, and because of its sturdy construction, it can safely lift users up to 280 lbs.
        Earn 598 Points ($6.00)

        Lumex PVC Shower Bed/Stretcher

          • Quick-drying mesh support
          • Threaded stem casters for additional safety
          • Available in royal blue mesh and solid vinyl color only
          • Ergonomic curved rails provide support without sharp edges
          Earn 1040 Points ($10.40)

          Lumex Leg Extensions

            Earn 94 Points ($0.90)
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            Select up to 4 items to compare.