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SmartDrive Power Assist Device for manual wheelchair enabling the user to propel a wheelchair easier and much faster than before. The Max Mobility power device is lightweight, powerful and easy to install without any hassle.
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SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System

SmartDrive MX2+ Power Assist System is a lightweight system and can power up steep hills and through thick carpets.
Earn 6626 Points ($66.30)

SmartDrive MX2+ PushTracker E3

The PushTracker E3 has improved battery life, and a faster processor, and is more compact, lighter, and comfortable.
Earn 248 Points ($2.50)

SmartDrive MX2+ SpeedControl Dial

The SpeedControl Dial is ergonomically designed for a universal fit and has a reinforced cable for extra durability and an LED to make it easy to see when the device is enabled.
Earn 206 Points ($2.10)

SmartDrive Switchcontrol Button

SmartDrive Switchcontrol Button provides additional convenience, flexiblity and comfort to the user.
Earn 206 Points ($2.10)

SmartDrive MX2+ roller replacement kit

Earn 220 Points ($2.20)

SmartDrive Switchcontrol Button With Mono Jack Option

Earn 345 Points ($3.50)

SmartDrive Charging Dock for PushTracker E2

    Earn 25 Points ($0.30)

    SmartDrive MX2+ Drive Unit Power Switch

    Earn 71 Points ($0.70)

    SmartDrive MX2+ PushTracker strap band (Black)

      SmartDrive MX2+ PushTracker Strap Band is comfortable to use and is available in 3 sizes.
      Earn 28 Points ($0.30)

      SmartDrive MX2+ Drive Unit Handle

        Earn 15 Points ($0.10)

        SmartDrive Chargers With US Plugs

        Earn 498 Points ($5.00)

        SmartDrive Drive Unit Charger Receptacle

        Earn 184 Points ($1.80)
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        Select up to 4 items to compare.