Span America Patient Lifts & Slings

Span America is providing solution for lifting and transferring patients from wheelchair to bed, wheelchair to commode etc. safely and easily with its newly designed patient lifts. Caregivers are much more relaxed when transferring the client.
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Span America F500P Full Body Power Patient Lift

  • Can be used to lift patient from floor
  • Overload protection with visual/audible alert
  • Manual emergency lowering for added safety
  • Easy base width adjustment with locked position
Earn 1495 Points ($15.00)

Span America F500S Powered Sit-To-Stand Patient Lift

  • Manual emergency lowering for added safety
  • Comfortable, contoured knee pad has 3 height settings
  • Backlit LCD display during operation for ease of viewing
  • Non-slip footplate helps keep patient in place safely during transfers
Earn 1633 Points ($16.30)

Span America F450T Standing Transfer Aid

  • Encourages activity and helps maintain strength
  • Locking rear casters add an extra measure of safety
  • Easy base width adjustment accommodates chairs and commodes
  • Provide transfer assistance to patients to bear weight in the standing position
Earn 859 Points ($8.60)

Span America F400 Foldable/Portable Patient Lift

  • Foot pedal base width adjustment
  • Underbed clearance allows use with most low beds
  • Folds flat simply and quickly for transport and storage
  • 2-point spreader bar accommodates a variety of sling options
Earn 1464 Points ($14.60)

Span America F350CT Car Transfer Patient Lift

  • Simple, fast assembly using tools provided
  • Allows more dynamic positioning, adjustment
  • Portable and foldable for easy transport and storage
  • Simple transfers between car and chair, chair and bed, and from floor to chair
Earn 1419 Points ($14.20)

Span America universal sling with head support

  • Full body supportive sling
  • Sling is designed for use with the F500P full body patient lift
  • Designed to be used for transfers from a bed to a chair, wheelchair, or toilet, chair to chair, or from the floor to a bed or chair

Price Upon Request

Earn 226 Points ($2.30)

Span America support belt for F450T standing transfer aid

  • A safety support belt may be used
  • Provides upper posterior support while lifting and standing
  • For patients requiring some upper body support or additional security

Price Upon Request

Earn 92 Points ($0.90)

Span America bariatric universal sling

  • The most commonly used patient lift sling for general transfer purposes
  • Sling is designed for use with the F600B bariatric full body patient lift
  • Sling is available in various sizes to transfer heavy weight patients from beds, floors, or chairs

Price Upon Request

Earn 587 Points ($5.90)
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