Span America Seat Cushions

Span-America carries a full line of seat cushions to address wound treatment, positioning, wound prevention, and comfort. Span America seat cushion has the most direct seating solution for those with, or at high risk for pressure ulcers at the ischium or coccyx. Span America seat cushion is ideal for hemi-chairs, office chairs, and car seats.
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Span America Gel-T Cushion

  • Flat foam top and bottom layers protect the gel bladder
  • Gel maximizes immersion to provide excellent pressure reduction
  • Segmented gel bladder provides maximum protection from bony prominences
  • Moisture is kept out and friction and shear are reduced by the wipe-clean vinyl cover
Earn 127 Points ($1.30)

Span America Equalizer Cushion

  • Visco-elastic foam topper is perfect for softness, comfort and pressure distribution
  • Firm, contoured foundation layer assists in proper positioning of femurs and pelvis
  • Moisture-resistant cover with rugged nylon bottom and a 2-way stretch fabric has convenient carry handle
  • Three zones of gel-like soft polymer provides added pressure dispersion under thighs, greater trochanters and ischial/tailbone
Earn 204 Points ($2.00)

Span America Geo-Matt Contour Cushion

  • It is a therapeutic positioning seat cushion
  • Durafilm incontinence-proof coating is ultra-lightweight
  • Geo-Matt cut top layer reduces pressure, heat, and moisture
  • Contoured leg channels with center abductor provides excellent patient positioning
Earn 125 Points ($1.30)

Span America Geo-Matt Cushion

  • High-density foam is cut into a wedge shape
  • Reduces pressure on the sacrum and coccyx
  • Raised front of the cushion helps to keep the user's hips in the back of the seat
  • Ideal for people who are at risk of developing pressure ulcers or who have already developed pressure ulcers
Earn 100 Points ($1.00)

Span America Geo-Matt PRT Cushion

  • High-density foam allow equal support in a lower profile
  • Lower, firmer base is ideal for safe transfers & easier propulsion
  • Features individually responsive cells, ring-of-air heat/moisture reduction, and pressure reduction
  • The 3" tall cushion is available with soft skin sleeve or nylon and vinyl fabric cover for protection from incontinence
Earn 101 Points ($1.00)

Span America Geo-Wave Geri-Chair Cushion

  • Weight limit of this Geri-chair cushion is 300 lbs. to 500 lbs.
  • Three distinct zone orientations reduce shear in multiple directions
  • Helps to reduce pressure when the user is in the upright or reclined position
  • Thicker in the lumbar area, and under the thighs to resist the sliding of the patient down in the chair
Earn 177 Points ($1.80)
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