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Tumble Forms is a renowned brand known for its innovative and adaptive positioning seats, offering a wide range of solutions to meet diverse needs. With a focus on comfort, functionality, and durability, Tumble Forms products are designed to provide optimal support and positioning for individuals with special needs. The Tumble Forms Carrie Seat offers a secure and comfortable seating option, ideal for users who require additional support. The Feeder Seat provides a supportive seating option for feeding and other activities, promoting better posture and comfort. For those needing floor-level seating, the Tumble Forms Floor Sitter offers a stable and adjustable solution. Additionally, the Tumble Forms Corner Chair is designed to provide support and stability in a corner space, making it ideal for therapy and play. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Tumble Forms continues to be a trusted choice for caregivers, therapists, and individuals seeking reliable and supportive seating solutions. Explore our collection today to find the perfect Tumble Forms seating option for your needs.
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Tumble Forms Cozee Cover for Feeder Seat Positioner

    • Made of a soft, comfy gray breathable fabric
    • Reduce sweating during hot, humid conditions
    • It is designed to be used with Feeder Seat Positioner
    Earn 59 Points ($0.60)

    Tumble Forms Feeder Seat Positioner Only

      • Non-toxic seamless covering is made to be washed
      • Developed for feeding or short-term activity in a range of settings
      • Feeder seat positioner is a good alternative to a stander or wheelchair
      • Provide maximum comfort, encourage positive interaction, and is easy to move and position
      Earn 212 Points ($2.10)

      Tumble Forms Removable Tray for Feeder Seat

        • Large flat surface for eating or playing
        • Tray comes in different sizes and color to use
        • It is designed for use with Feeder Seat Positioner
        • Tray is made of the same seamless, wipeable material for easy cleaning
        Earn 622 Points ($6.20)

        Tumble Forms Mobile Floor Sitter

          • It is ideal for children with developmental delay or cerebral palsy
          • Offers ease in moving a properly positioned child to another location
          • It includes a mobile base and feeder seat that promote safe and enjoyable self-propelled exercise
          • Allows a child who is unable to ambulate to still use and exercise his legs by propelling himself along a floor
          Earn 469 Points ($4.70)

          Tumble Forms Mobile Base for Feeder Seat

            • Perfect for children who cannot ambulate but can still mobilize
            • Available in blue color only with easy-rolling locking rear casters
            • The child can independently move around and develop lower extremity strength
            Earn 299 Points ($3.00)

            Tumble Forms Deluxe Floor Sitter

              • Keep the positioner in an upright or reclined position
              • Shoulder harness slots allows 4" of vertical adjustment
              • Anti-microbial protection is durable and long-lasting
              • Provides secure positioning and comfort during meals and activity
              Earn 274 Points ($2.70)

              Tumble Forms Floor Sitter Wedge for Feeder Seat Positioner

                • Available in different sizes and colors
                • Washable and sanitized non-toxic seamless covering
                • Designed to keep the seat in an upright or reclined position
                • It can be used with Tumble Forms 2 Feeder Seat Positioner
                Earn 190 Points ($1.90)

                Tumble Forms Carrie Collar with Antimicrobial Protection

                  Tumble Forms II Carrie Collar with Antimicrobial Protection is designed for children who may need assistance with head and neck control and midline positioning.
                  Earn 129 Points ($1.30)
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