Adaptive Tricycles

Adaptive tricycles combine the fun of riding with therapeutic, reciprocal activity. They give people who suffer from a variety of medical conditions, including autism, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, high-functioning cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and other balance problems, the opportunity to have fun, receive therapy, and, most importantly, have freedom of mobility. The wide range of adaptive bikes for special needs is designed to be flexible and adjustable for all ages.
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Rifton Adaptive Tricycle - Large

  • The carbon fiber drive belt will not rust or stretch
  • The seat glides up and down on a low-friction rail
  • Remove the rear wheels and front end, and flip down the backrest for easy transport
  • Riders feel more independent when a caregiver assists from behind with the rear steer
Earn 2995 Points ($29.90)

Rifton Adaptive Tricycle - Medium

  • The seat depth adjusts easily with a knob underneath
  • Position the backrest vertically or at a 7½° or 15° recline
  • The sturdy wheels are manufactured with solid polyurethane foam tires
  • The rear basket comes with tricycle and is useful for storage or transportation.
Earn 2520 Points ($25.20)

Rifton adaptive tricycle - Small

  • Durable powder coated frame
  • Adjustable back support with belt for added security
  • Trike frame includes self-leveling pedals with sandals
  • Meets or exceeds all ANSI safety standards for tricycles
Earn 2260 Points ($22.60)

Trivel e-Azteca Electric Tricycle

  • Puncture resistant Schwalbe Big Apple tires
  • It has 3.5” LCD screen gives you information
  • Equipped with a powerful 5-level of power assistance engine
  • Reliable, robust, fun and comfortable trike for outdoor adventures.
Earn 3324 Points ($33.20)

Trivel e-Azteca Fat Tire Electric Tricycle

  • Unique ergonomic riding position
  • North American-based design and testing
  • Puncture resistant Schwalbe and Kenda tires
  • The ergonomic, and power-assisted electric tricycle
Earn 3419 Points ($34.20)

Trivel T-250 Adaptive Tricycle

  • Highly-customizable adapted trike
  • It has O-shaped handlebar for a better grip
  • Low centre of gravity and multiple stabilization options
  • Fully-balanced platform pedals with two stabilizing sides and Velcro
Earn 3320 Points ($33.20)

Trivel T-350 Adaptive Tricycle

  • Mustang-shaped handlebar
  • It has "Comfort+" seat and backrest
  • The trike will adapt as your child grows
  • An unparalleled therapeutic and recreational tool
Earn 3700 Points ($37.00)

Low Rider Activity Trike

  • High-grade adjustable microfiber upholstery
  • Designed for indoor and outdoor recreational activities
  • A 3-point safety belt for increased comfort and support
  • Self-propulsion allows young ones to explore and interact with the environment
Earn 565 Points ($5.70)

Micah Flagship Deluxe Special Needs Tricycle

  • Adjustable seat with back support
  • Loop handlebar with caliper brake
  • Rear caregiver steering unit that provides precise control over the ride
  • Handlebars, seat, side supports, and headrest are all adjustable maximum comfort and safety
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