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Strollers and Pushchairs Buyers Guide

Special needs strollers are beneficial for people who are limited by their physical conditions that are hampering their mobility. Adaptive strollers are for the ones who are unable to walk. These strollers help them in social and cognitive development. At the age of curiosity to explore the world, this product has proven to be a boon. These strollers help children in promoting independence and proper functioning.

Types of special needs strollers

  • tilt-recline strollers
  • all-terrain strollers
  • hi-lo base stroller
  • three-wheel stroller
  • transit stroller
  • restraint system

Tilt-recline strollers

Tilt-recline strollers consist of four types of variants:

  • Fixed tilt- are especially for children and young adults for upper body positioning due to lower trunk strength. They allow maximum comfort, durability, strength and sitting tolerance. Options available with 10° - 45° tilt.

  • Adjustable tilt-give option to tilt between selected degree of tilt ex. 25°-30° or 80°-90° for improved posture, comfort and positioning.

  • Recline- gives opportunity to go on outings and take naps on a long journey.

  • Tilt and recline-allows users to have the feature of both tilt-in-space and recline for users who are unable to maintain their pelvic position for a longer period.

All-terrain Strollers

All-terrain wheels are for users who seek adventure along with their children, so you should be investing in an all-terrain stroller. These are perfect for hiking, picnics and short trips. A range of strollers comes with an additional feature in which they can be changed into all-terrain by replacing the tires. (Tires options available)

Hi-Lo Base Strollers

Hi-low base strollers can be used as an indoor chair and an outdoor mobility base with minimum to no extra efforts. These strollers are highly adjustable and maneuver for kids with best for family dinners and outings.

Three-Wheel Stroller

3-wheel strollers are bump absorbents and provide a smooth and comfortable ride to the user on terrain with ease. These strollers are easy to fold and carry. The other features include height adjustable handle, brake mechanism, straps & harness and much more.

Transit Strollers

Special needs strollers are mostly fold-able and easy to carry in a car/van. This feature allows families to carry the stroller with ease. These strollers can be placed between or under seats.

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