Ablenet PowerLink 4

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Ablenet PowerLink 4 provides Six unique modes of control which allows you to define exactly how, and for how long, appliances will be turned on. It accepts any single switch, including Big or Jelly Beamer wireless switches. It features an on-board display that lets you set the exact number of minutes or seconds of control. There is a new "Count" mode that allows for easy, precise data collection and the new "Two-switch" mode for collaborative activation for safety or cooperative play.

  • Two switch input jacks
  • Great looks at a small size
  • Powerful access with six modes of control
  • Accurate programming and data collection
  • Easy setup with built-in display and simple new design
  • Flexible outlets allow custom positioning of up to two appliances
  • Linkable wireless technology allows Big or Jelly Beamers to be linked to each outlet
Modes of Control
  • Direct: Behaves like a traditional switch.
  • Count: Behaves like Direct, shows number of activations
  • Two-Switch: Behaves like Direct, both switches must be activated
  • Timed Seconds: Runs appliance from 1 to 99 seconds
  • Timed Minutes: Runs appliance from 1 to 99 minutes
  • Latch: First activation turns appliance ON; second activation turns it OFF
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Q: What switches can be used with the PowerLink 4?
A: The PowerLink 4 can be used with up to two wired switches and eight AbleNet wireless switches.

Q: Why is my PowerLink 4 not operating my appliance?
A: In order to use the PowerLink 4 with an appliance such as a fan, blender, mixer, or lamp, you will need to be sure it has a mechanical switch that allows the device to remain on. The best way to test this is to turn the appliance on, unplug it from the wall, and then plug it back in. If the appliance continues to work, you will be able to connect it to the PowerLink 4 for switch activation.

Q: How many amps can the PowerLink 4 handle?
A: The PowerLink 4 is rated to handle up to 15 amps (max).

Q: Can I use one switch for an operation type and another switch for a different operation type?
A: The PowerLink 4 has six modes of operation, (Direct, Latched, Time Minutes, Timed Seconds, Count and Two-Switch). Each mode selected is used for all switches connected to the PowerLink 4 at one time.

However, you can connect additional devices, such as the Dual SLAT or Wireless SLAT, to accomplish this configuration. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Connect one switch to either side of the PowerLink 4.
  2. Connect the Dual SLAT or Wireless SLAT to the other side and connect a switch to be used with it.
  3. Set the mode setting for the PowerLink 4 for the chosen mode of operation for the first switch.
  4. Set the mode setting for the Dual SLAT for the chosen mode of operation for the second switch.

If you need additional assistance with this configuration please contact Technical Support.