Support Aids

Support Aids provide solution for supporting the users while making transfer between beds, wheelchair or toilet. Support belt, bedstring and other type of products encourage natural movement patterns in an individual and makes transfer easier.
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Immedia SmartMove support pad with 4 handles

    Immedia SmartMove Support pad with handles, acts as an extension of the arms, allows the caregiver to offer support and assistance whilst maintaining a good ergonomic position and grip.
    Earn 37 Points ($0.40)

    Immedia multifunctional transfer sling short, 2 x 4 handles

      Multifunctional transfer sling is ideal for innumerable kinds of manual handling, e.g. moving the user higher up in the bed, back in a wheelchair, between two surfaces (seated), moving legs into bed, etc.
      Earn 41 Points ($0.40)

      Immedia SupportBelt with handles

        Immedia SupportBelt is used to offer support and assistance during mobilisation and transfers.
        Earn 40 Points ($0.40)

        BeasyTrans Premium Gait Belt

          • Strong construction
          • Durable fast open/close clip
          • Horizontal, easy grip handles
          • Increased Safety for patients and cargivers
          Earn 42 Points ($0.40)

          Drop Support Harness 3

          Drop Support Harness is great for anyone who suffers from a fall or has any other medical or physical condition. Family members, caretakers, and medical professionals who provide assisted living or physical therapy can utilize it in the house.
          Earn 90 Points ($0.90)

          Freeloader Child Carrier Backpacks for Hiking, Travel & Special Needs

          • Compact carrier for toddlers
          • Best for travel and hiking with kids
          • Holds 25 - 80 lbs. weight capacity
          • More storage capacity with the pockets
          Earn 350 Points ($3.50)

          Freeloader Child Carrier Support Strap

          Freeloader Child Carrier Support Strap is easy to use and secure the child in conjuction with the freeloader backpack.

          Earn 89 Points ($0.90)

          DMI Deluxe Ambulation Gait Belt, Medium, Blue

            Earn 49 Points ($0.50)

            Posey Quick-Release Soft Nylon Economy Transfer Belt

              Earn 48 Points ($0.50)

              Posey Bariatric Metal Bucklese Gait Belt, Long, Pastel

                Earn 20 Points ($0.20)
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