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Prime Engineering

Prime Engineering offers innovative standing systems with all new standers set of functionality, positioning and capacity. Highly innovative and can be set according to the therapeutic benefits for both adults and children. Find Prime Engineering products at the online store of Medicaleshop.
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Prime Engineering UpRite Pediatric Mid-Line Positioning Standing Frame

  • Durable, all steel square tube construction for extra strength
  • Available in three sizes for overall user height of 36" - 60" tall
  • Allows for proper weight bearing and activities involving the upper extremities
  • Therapist designed upright standing frame for children to provide optimal midline alignment
Earn 791 Points ($7.90)

Prime Engineering Symmetry Stander

  • Transfer friendly & open frame design
  • Available in youth and adult sizes to accommodate individual standing needs
  • Puts the body in full upright weight bearing and achieve mild hyperextension at the hips
Earn 2265 Points ($22.70)

Prime Engineering Grandstand III Modular Standing Frame

  • Enables precise adjustments to support a natural mild hip hyperextension
  • Brings about the flexibility needed for stretches and range-of-motion exercises
  • Mobile package provides mobility during standing for clients with good upper body strength
  • Developed to suit clients that need devices that can grow and adapt as they do, starting with very young children
Earn 2619 Points ($26.20)

Prime Engineering Superstand Stander

  • Positioning options adjust quickly without using tools
  • Multi-position stander support clients from 26" - 50" tall
  • Individual planter-flexion, dorsi-flexion, rotation and height adjustable foot system
  • Changing positions is as simple as changing from the headrest to the chin support and simply reversing the tray
Earn 2380 Points ($23.80)

Prime Engineering Superstand HLT Pediatric Standing System

  • Mast slides off base easily and base folds for storage or transportation
  • Provides hands free standing angle adjustments and horizontal high-loading surface
  • Easily customized for moderate and severe postural asymmetries, spasticity, dystonia and other orthopedic anomalies
Earn 1844 Points ($18.40)

Prime Engineering Superstand HLT MPS Pediatric Standing System (Pre Configured Packages)

  • Mast is now higher, making transfers easier
  • Offers supine, prone, and upright standing positions
  • Soft touch knobs are easier on hands for adjustments
  • Postural management and surveillance program reduces hip subluxation, scoliosis, and pain
Earn 3731 Points ($37.30)
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