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PVI Ramps

PVI is a leading manufacturer of access ramps for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and vehicle for easier transitions in daily life activities. Shop for various models of PVI ramps including modular ramps, access ramps, threshold ramps, single fold and much more at Medicaleshop!
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PVI Bariatric Multifold Ramp

PVI Bariatric Multifold ramp with center joints and clear visiblity of the correct position of the rank.
Earn 569 Points ($5.70)

PVI Multifold Reach Portable Ramp

PVI Multifold Reach Portable Ramp with a center joint to give extra strength to the base to carry wheelchairs and scooters
Earn 426 Points ($4.30)

PVI Multifold Portable Wheelchair Ramp

PVI Multifold portable wheelchair ramp can be used for any wheelchairs and scooters to be carried anywhere outdoors and indoors.
Earn 314 Points ($3.10)

PVI Singlefold Wheelchair Ramp

PVI Singlefold Wheelchair Ramp can be used for any wheelchair and scooters with complex wheels configurations.
Earn 153 Points ($1.50)

PVI Solid Ramp

PVI Solid Wheelchair Ramp with higher load capacity for wheelchair and normal scooters
Earn 212 Points ($2.10)

PVI Aluminum OnTrac Wheelchair Ramp with Handrails

Earn 726 Points ($7.30)

PVI Rubber Threshold Wheelchair Ramp

PVI Rubber Threshold Ramp for slip-resistance to be used near indoors to carry wheelchairs easily
Earn 94 Points ($0.90)

PVI Standard Threshold Ramp

    PVI Standard Threshold Ramp is an anti-slip entrance ramp for easy transitions of wheelchair and scooters
    Earn 61 Points ($0.60)

    PVI Elev8 Adjustable Aluminum Threshold Ramp

    PVI Elev8 threshold Aluminum ramp can be used with a wide range of wheelchairs and scooters.
    Earn 87 Points ($0.90)

    PVI Rear Door Van Ramp

      PVI Rear Door Van Ramp for loading wheelchair and scooters while eliminating slipping and accidents.
      Earn 674 Points ($6.70)

      PVI Self Supporting Threshold Ramp

      Earn 239 Points ($2.40)

      PVI Wheel-A-Bout Portable Wheelchair Ramp

        Earn 833 Points ($8.30)
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        Select up to 4 items to compare.