R82 Standers

R82 Standers are designed for wheelchair bound users allowing them to stand to avoid the development of secondary conditions. R82 Stander has various advantages including an increase of bone density, improve cardiopulmonary functions and much more. Shop for R82 Standers at unbeatable rates!
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R82 Caribou Standing Frame

  • Caribou tilts from vertical to horizontal
  • Designed with a raised frame for easy use of floor hoist
  • Easy tilt mechanism allows the caregiver to have both hands free
  • Multi-position standing frame supports a prone, upright, or supine standing position
Earn 2420 Points ($24.20)

R82 Rabbit Up Pediatric Stander

  • Suitable for children from approximately 34¼" to 70¾"
  • It has a simple, easy to use and controlled angle adjustment
  • Offers the independence to explore using the optional driving wheels
  • Allows the child to actively participate while also stimulating their senses
Earn 1216 Points ($12.20)

R82 Gazelle PS Standing Frame

  • Offers up to 30° of hip abduction in each leg
  • From the upright position the Gazelle PS can be easily folded for transport & storage
  • Tilts from vertical to 15° past horizontal which is an excellent position for respiratory therapy and postural drainage
Earn 3027 Points ($30.30)

R82 Meerkat Stander

  • Allows children to learn through movement
  • The low entrance height ensures easy transfer
  • Minimal support is provided to encourage a child's freedom of mobility
  • Three sizes are suitable for children from approx. 27½" to 70¾" and up to 198 lbs.
Earn 859 Points ($8.60)
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