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Supracor’s exclusive product line includes wheelchair cushions. Supracor Stimulite Cushions are engineered with honeycomb technology that returns to its original shape. Supracor cushions offer prevention and healing of pressure sores. Featured products -Supracor Stimulite Contoured Pediatric Cushion.
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Supracor Stimulite Contoured Honeycomb Cushion

    • Consists of multiple layers of flexible honeycomb engineered with soft and firm areas
    • A 3½" thick cushion is ideal for people who require a higher level of pressure management
    • A rear dish contains the ischial and coccyx that provides pelvic positioning for improved posture and stability
    • Stimulite honeycomb cells relieve pressure by distributing it away from hot spots and the cells align themselves axially to the body
    Earn 348 Points ($3.50)

    Supracor Stimulite Classic Honeycomb Cushion

      • Designed for those at a greater risk of developing pressure sores
      • Provides great stability, unmatched comfort, and excellent pressure relief
      • Greater lateral support is provided by internal side bolsters made of firmer honeycomb
      • Three layers of honeycomb enable bony protuberances to sink freely into the 2¾" thick cushion
      Earn 322 Points ($3.20)

      Supracor Stimulite Corbee Pediatric Honeycomb Cushion

        • 2" thick corbee is an easy care cushion for recreational activities and everyday use
        • Provides the most pressure alleviation to safeguard kids from the main causes of decubitus
        • Foot-print of the honeycomb cells and their flexing action stimulates blood flow to enhance circulation
        • Suited for a range of anatomies because of honeycomb's natural capacity to evenly distribute weight, conform to any shape, & stabilize any sitting posture
        Earn 168 Points ($1.70)

        Supracor Stimulite Silver Honeycomb Cushion

          • Just 1½" thick cushion is perfect for traveling and wherever you go
          • It can be tossed into the overhead bin of an airplane or the trunk of a car
          • Ventilated, double-layered cushion is designed for those who are at lower risk for pressure sores
          • Can be used in a wheelchair, on a recliner or stadium seat to provide comfort, stability and support
          Earn 131 Points ($1.30)

          Supracor Stimulite Slimline Honeycomb Cushion

            • Ideal for people with lower risk for decubitus ulcers
            • 2¾" thick double-layered cushion is designed with a low profile
            • Adductors, an abductor and rear dish form a subtle contour for optimal comfort and support
            • Stimulite honeycomb is perforated, enables air to circulate and moisture to evaporate to help maintain skin integrity
            Earn 219 Points ($2.20)

            Supracor Stimulite Smart Honeycomb Cushion

              • An ultimate all-purpose ventilated cushion
              • 2" thick cushion is available for a flat bottom seat and is machine washable
              • Horizontal stiffness of a material determines both its shear resistance and stability
              • A soft top layer fused to a robust bottom layer with built-in bolsters provide comfort, stability and support
              Earn 212 Points ($2.10)

              Supracor Stimulite Sport Honeycomb Cushion

                • Low profile, planar design is ideal for sports chair and active users
                • It is really a cool cushion to be used for competition and everyday use
                • A lightweight 2" thick cushion provides proper ventilation and comfort to the user
                • Soft layer fused to a bottom layer with built-in bolsters provides maximum shock absorption, support and stability
                Earn 199 Points ($2.00)
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