Chiropractic Tables

Welcome to our extensive collection of Chiropractic Tables and Intersegmental Tables, meticulously chosen to cater to the needs of chiropractic clinics, healthcare facilities, and individual chiropractors. We understand the significance of these tables in the professional chiropractic setting, where they play a vital role in delivering quality care and improving patient outcomes. Chiropractic Tables serve as essential tools in chiropractic care, aiding in patient assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. They are engineered to provide maximum comfort to patients during adjustments and therapies while assisting chiropractors in delivering precise and effective treatments. At Medicaleshop, we offer a selection of renowned brands, including Everway4all Chiropractic Tables, Armedica Intersegmental Traction Table, and PHS Chiropractic Tables. These brands are known for their exceptional quality and reliability in the healthcare industry, ensuring that you have access to top-tier equipment for your chiropractic practice.
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Armedica quantum 400 intersegmental traction table

    Armedica quantum 400 roller massage table comes with hand held remote control with cord and an exclusive glide-trak system.
    Earn 3573 Points ($35.70)

    Everyway4all EU300 (TRACTION-t) 4-Section Traction Table

      EU300 (TRACTION-t) 4-Section Traction Table is the ultimate for all Traction Needs – Lumbar Traction and Cervical Traction.

      Earn 2391 Points ($23.90)

      Everyway4all CA130 8-Section Chiropractic table

        Everyway4all CA130 (CHIROMA) Chiropractic Table is an 8 Section Chiropractic Table (Electric) with 4 Sections of Adjustable Tension-Drop at the (1) Head (2) Thorax (3) Abdomen Sections.

        Earn 2874 Points ($28.70)

        Everyway4all CA100 Sorrento 7-section massage and therapeutic table

          CA100 "SORRENTO" 7 Section Massage & Therapeutic Table's 15° Center Arching (Locked), 60° Reversible Head Section, Spring-Loaded Arm Rest with 120° Swivel and 87° Leg Incline capabilities all-in-one.

          Earn 1874 Points ($18.70)

          PHS Chiropractic ATT-300 Roller Massage Table

            Earn 3154 Points ($31.50)

            PHS Chiropractic ErgoWave Roller Massage Table

              Earn 2703 Points ($27.00)

              Max Metal Drop Table by PHS Medical

                Earn 1955 Points ($19.60)

                Ergo Bench with Tilt Headpiece by PHS Medical

                  Earn 883 Points ($8.80)

                  ErgoBench with Fixed Top by PHS Medical

                    Earn 759 Points ($7.60)

                    ErgoBasic Chiropractic Bench by PHS Medical

                      Earn 2360 Points ($23.60)

                      ErgoBasic with Manual Pump Elevation by PHS Medical

                        Earn 3437 Points ($34.40)

                        PHS Medical Trade Basic Bench

                          Earn 1901 Points ($19.00)
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