Geri Chairs

Geri Chairs are also known as Geriatric Chairs or Recliner Chairs. These are multi functioned customizable chairs which provide greater support, reduce pressure and preserve independence. These chairs are perfect for sitting, reclining and watching TV and the right position can aid circulation to help relieve respiratory or heart discomfort.
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Invacare Traditional Three Position Recliner

Earn 610 Points ($6.10)

Invacare Clinical Three Position Recliner

For shock patients, the Clinical Recliner's gas cylinder offers immediate Trendelenberg positioning.
Earn 878 Points ($8.80)

Invacare Deluxe Three Position Recliner

The deluxe recliner's folding footrests make it easier for users to stand up from a sitting posture.
Earn 720 Points ($7.20)

Invacare Deluxe Wide Three Position Recliner

Earn 844 Points ($8.40)

Lumex Three Position Recliner

A flex-o-Lator seat support system of the recliner lowers the chance of bottoming out and provides comfort to the user.
Earn 654 Points ($6.50)

Bailey Geri chair

Geri chair is designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, and medical offices for either patient or visitor seating.
Earn 360 Points ($3.60)
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Select up to 4 items to compare.