Reclining Wheelchairs

Reclining Wheelchairs allow an individual to comfortably recline at different angles securely and comfortably. These wheelchairs assist individual who frequently require to change position and unable to sit in upright position. Shop Medicaleshop for top brands like Breezy, Invacare, and Drive Medical.

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Broda Encore Pedal Chair

$2,197.00 $2,929.00

Broda Centric tilt semi recliner

$2,588.00 $3,451.00

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Broda midline tilt recliner

$2,708.00 $3,611.00

In Stock

Broda Sashay pedal chair

$1,823.00 $2,431.00

In Stock

Broda Synthesis V4 tilt recliner

$3,095.00 $4,126.00

In Stock

Broda Synthesis V4 transport chair

$3,458.00 $4,610.00

In Stock

Broda Elite tilt chair - model 85V

$2,619.00 $3,492.00

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Broda Latitude pedal rocker chair

$2,067.00 $2,756.00

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Broda Tranquille auto-locking glider

$893.00 $1,191.00

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