Reclining Wheelchairs

Reclining Wheelchairs allow an individual to comfortably recline at different angles securely and comfortably. These wheelchairs assist individual who frequently require to change position and unable to sit in upright position. Shop Medicaleshop for top brands like Breezy, Invacare, and Drive Medical.
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Broda Encore Pedal Wheelchair

Broda Encore Pedal Wheelchair features comfort tension seating and total lock rear casters.
Earn 2616 Points ($26.20)

Broda Encore Pedal Rocker Chair

Broda Encore Pedal Rocker Chair features rocking function with caregiver lock and adjustable armrests.
Earn 2906 Points ($29.10)

Broda Centric Positioning Wheelchair

Broda Centric Positioning Wheelchair features comfort tension seating mechanism for pressure redistribution and air flow to provide comfort and support to user.
Earn 3082 Points ($30.80)

Broda Midline Positioning Wheelchair

Broda Midline Positioning Wheelchair with Tilt-in-Space & Recline feature provides the required comfort and support to the user.
Earn 3225 Points ($32.30)

Broda Sashay Pedal Wheelchair

Broda Sashay Pedal Wheelchair features height adjustable armrest and comfort tension seating.
Earn 2171 Points ($21.70)

Broda Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair with WC19 Transport Package

Broda Synthesis Positioning Wheelchair helps in preventing falls and provide personalised upper lateral support for optimum positioning.
Earn 4118 Points ($41.20)

Broda Synthesis Transport Wheelchair

Broda Synthesis Transport Wheelchair lowers the number of transfers and improves the safety and comfort of user.
Earn 4293 Points ($42.90)

Broda Elite Tilt Wheelchair

Broda Elite Tilt Wheelchair improves posture, breathing, eating and overall comfort of user.
Earn 3119 Points ($31.20)

Broda Latitude Pedal Wheelchair

Broda Latitude Pedal Wheelchair features adjustable rocking tension and comfort tension seating system.
Earn 2462 Points ($24.60)

Broda Tranquille Auto-Locking Glider

Broda Tranquille Auto-Locking Glider features comfort tension seating for pressure distribution and air flow to increase user's comfort.
Earn 1064 Points ($10.60)

Broda Aspire Glider Pediatric Sensory Rocking Chair (100-P)

Earn 1070 Points ($10.70)

Ziggo Pro Reclining Wheelchair

  • Elevating Legrest
  • Flip-back desk arm
  • Reclining back up to 180°
  • Full back and neck support
Earn 595 Points ($6.00)
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Select up to 4 items to compare.