Shower Trolleys

Shower trolleys are specialized medical equipment that is designed to provide a safe and comfortable showering experience for individuals with mobility limitations or disabilities. These shower trolleys or shower stretchers are an excellent solution for caregivers who need to bathe and wash patients who are unable to stand or sit up independently. Shower trolleys come with a range of safety features such as side rails, headrests, and straps to keep the patient securely in place. One of the primary benefits of shower trolleys is that they are highly maneuverable and easy to use, making it easy for caregivers to transfer the patient onto the trolley and transport them to the shower area. The most popular shower trolleys bought for healthcare facilities & home environments are: Lopital Marina Shower Trolley , Smirthwaite fixed shower stretcher , Arjo Concerto Shower Trolley. They also come equipped with locking wheels, allowing them to be securely parked in place during the showering process. Shower trolleys come in various sizes to accommodate patients of different ages and sizes, and some models can even be adjusted to fit the needs of the individual patient. Additionally, many shower trolleys have height-adjustable features that allow caregivers to position the trolley at a comfortable working height, reducing the risk of back strain and injury. Shower Stretchers offer a practical and hygienic solution for those with mobility limitations, providing them with the opportunity to maintain their dignity and independence in their daily lives.

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Lopital Marina Shower Trolley

  • It can help to reduce the risk of falls and injuries
  • The trolley has a maximum load capacity of 500 lbs.
  • Height of the trolley can be adjusted from 17.3" to 31.9"
  • It is made of corrosion-resistant materials, including aluminum and stainless steel
Earn 7375 Points ($73.80)

Arjo Concerto Shower Trolley - Basic

  • Trolley is made of a durable material
  • It is a versatile and user-friendly trolley
  • It can be adjusted to the desired height of the caregiver
  • The side supports can be folded down to facilitate lateral transfers
Earn 5320 Points ($53.20)

Arjo Concerto Shower Trolley - Hydraulic

Concerto shower trolleys is adjustable with hydraulic pump, side support, comfortable, and easy to clean.
Earn 7221 Points ($72.20)

Arjo Carevo Shower Trolley

Carevo shower trolley provide an easy-to-maneuver and easy-to-use hygiene solution for both caregivers and immobile patients.
Earn 9224 Points ($92.20)

Arjo Concerto Extended Length Shower Trolley - Hydraulic

Concerto hydraulic enables assisted showering and hygiene routines for both children and adults.
Earn 8686 Points ($86.90)

Arjo Concerto Pediatric Shower Trolley - Hydraulic

Concerto improves the quality of life of dependent residents by making showering routines safe, comfortable and dignified.
Earn 8686 Points ($86.90)

Arjo Concerto Shower Trolley - Electric

Earn 9590 Points ($95.90)

Lumex PVC Shower Bed/Stretcher

    • Quick-drying mesh support
    • Threaded stem casters for additional safety
    • Available in royal blue mesh and solid vinyl color only
    • Ergonomic curved rails provide support without sharp edges
    Earn 1040 Points ($10.40)

    Smirthwaite Mobi Shower Trolley

    Mobi Shower Trolley has been designed with two safety side rails that can be easily stowed away beneath the trolley and allows maximum space for easy transfer and use.
    Earn 5200 Points ($52.00)

    TR 2000 Hydraulic Height Adjustable Shower Trolley By TR Equipment

    • Hydraulic height & tilt adjustment
    • Side-mounted column for secure transfers
    • Foldable side rails for patient transfer
    • 440lbs Maximum patient weight capacity
    Earn 6925 Points ($69.30)

    TR 3000 Battery Operated Height Adjustable Shower Trolley By TR Equipment

    • The trolley is operated by a foot control
    • The mattress is easily removable for cleaning
    • Height-adjustable for ergonomic use by caregivers
    • Powder coated stainless steel chassis and sub-frames for durability and easy cleaning
    Earn 7555 Points ($75.50)

    TR 4000 Atlas Battery Operated Heavy Duty Bariatric Shower Trolley By TR Equipment

    • 1000 lbs Bariatric weight capacity
    • Height-adjustable base for easy transfers
    • Rechargeable battery-powered dual actuators
    • Durable powder-coated stainless steel construction
    Earn 11020 Points ($110.20)
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