Danmar Products Accessories

Danmar Products provide additional accessories for their innovative products like helmets, head supports, swim aids and many more therapeutic devices for special needs. Some products require additional specifications such as length and size which is not included in the product options.
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Danmar Hensinger Head Support Size Reducer

    • Wide reducer is designed to size the height of a Hensinger
    • The narrow reducer can be used over or under the covers
    • Narrow reducer is designed to size down the circumference of a Hensinger
    • It is vinyl coated foam from inside that fits around the inner circumference
    Earn 46 Points ($0.50)

    Danmar Standard Face Guard

    • It protects face while provides comfort at the same time
    • Face guard is a best choice among full coverage face guards
    • The entire clear face guard can be pivoted to the top of the helmet
    • A strong polyethylene shell which is riveted to the liner and the face guard is attached to this shell
    Earn 137 Points ($1.40)

    Danmar Liner Pads

      • liner pads can be used for fitting and sizing adjustment for helmets
      • It has self-adhesive backing which bonds them to the inside foam liner
      • Vinyl-coated discs are made from closed cell foam and comes in set of 4 per pack
      Earn 16 Points ($0.20)

      Danmar Liner Cushion

        • Liner cushions are available in two thicknesses
        • It aids in the reduction of the inner circumference of Danmar helmets
        • One side of the liner cushion has an adhesive back to secure the pad
        Earn 21 Points ($0.20)

        Danmar Cush-in Pads

          • Cush-in-pads are made of perspiration-absorbing material
          • Cush-in-pads are sold in sets of four pads, large and small
          • Simply remove the adhesive backing and place them wherever you need them
          • They are washable and quick-drying and are especially useful in helmets that are worn on a regular basis
          Earn 17 Points ($0.20)

          Danmar Lycra Head Support Cover

            • Lycra head support cover is available four size
            • It is machine washable and easy to put on and take off
            • For models 6810, 6809, 6826, and 6828, a lycra head support cover is available
            Earn 36 Points ($0.40)

            Danmar Chin Strap with Quick-Release Buckle

              • Made from an ultra strong 3/4" polypropylene webbing
              • Chin strap closes either under the chin, or the top of the helmet
              • It has a quick release buckle for easily removing the special needs or children's protective Danmar helmet
              Earn 17 Points ($0.20)

              Danmar Hensinger Replacement Covers

                • Replacement cover is available four size
                • Hensinger replacement cover is available in black and blue color
                • Replacement Covers for the 6810 & 6809 Hensinger head supports
                Earn 15 Points ($0.10)

                Danmar Hensinger Replacement Strap

                  • Replacement strap is available four size
                  • Hensinger replacement strap is available in black color
                  • Replacement strap for the 6810/6809 Hensinger Head Support
                  Earn 14 Points ($0.10)

                  Danmar Crown Pad

                    • It is a ventilated and washable oval-shaped
                    • The 1/2 inch vinyl-coated shock-absorbent foam
                    • It is removable for easy cleaning and adjustment
                    • Simply insert it into the helmet's crown area to adjust the fit or prevent it from falling
                    Earn 16 Points ($0.20)

                    Danmar Helmet Pad Kit - Crown Pad, Liner Pads/Cushion

                      • Helmet pad kit- include all three liners in kit
                      • Crown pad remains inside the helmet without any adhesive
                      • Liner pads can be used for fitting and sizing adjustment
                      • Liner cushion has an adhesive back on one side to secure the pad after the proper position is found
                      Earn 42 Points ($0.40)
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