EasyStand evolv stander

EasyStand evolv stander is a sit to stand stander and its modular design makes it a versatile standing frame. The open base of evolv stander makes independent transfers easier for both user and caregivers. Shop for Evolv standers at special price only at Medicaleshop!
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EasyStand Evolv Sit to Stand Stander, Medium

  • Versatile standing frame with height range of 4' - 5'6"
  • Standing improves/maintain bone integrity/skeletal development
  • Allows for an over-center stretch of the hips and the full extension of the knees
Earn 1899 Points ($19.00)

EasyStand Evolv XT Sit to Stand Stander

  • Accommodates for hip and knee contractures
  • Designed to fit individuals from 6’0"-6’10” and up to 350 lbs.
  • Allows the user to stand in three easy steps-adjust, transfer, and pump up
Earn 3053 Points ($30.50)

EasyStand Evolv Sit to Stand Stander, Large

  • Open base makes independent transfers easier
  • Comfortable sit-to-stand device with multiple configurations available
  • Provides safe and easy lateral transfer and supportive transition to standing
  • Users can achieve standing position with manual hydraulic actuator or push-button pow'r up lift
Earn 1899 Points ($19.00)
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