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Handicare System RoMedic assistive devices are designed for manual transfers and re-positioning of users as well as for mobility support sit-to-stand and gait training. Romedic offers most comprehensive range of clever, easy-to-use and safe transfer and lifting aids designed to make life easier, both for the user and for the caregiver.
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Handicare MiniLift 200 Sit to Stand Transfer Lift

  • High capacity battery with long service life
  • Offers extremely comfortable sit-to-stand experience
  • Ergonomic and easy-to-use hand control with four buttons
  • Compact steel frame for tall and heavy users weighing up to 440 lbs.
Earn 4937 Points ($49.40)

Handicare ReTurn7500i sit-to-stand and transfer aid

  • Requires minimal exertion, even with a larger and heavier user
  • Has a rising ladder of standard height and is appropriate for most adult users
  • An excellent training device, making it an ideal aid to the rehabilitation process
  • It rolls, turns and pivots smoothly and easily on all surfaces, even in confined spaces
Earn 900 Points ($9.00)

Handicare MiniLift160 sit-to-stand lift

Handicare MiniLift160 sit-to-stand lift is convenient to use with lockable rear castors.
Earn 2590 Points ($25.90)

Handicare QuickMove sit-to-stand Patient Transfer Lift

  • Adjustable lower leg support/knee-brace
  • Adjustable buttock cushions that can be angled
  • Suitable both for long-term and for occasional needs
  • For users with impaired balance and reduced lower limb strength
Earn 2289 Points ($22.90)

RoMedic Carina350 Mobile Patient Lift

  • Manual or electrical base widening
  • Foldable for convenient transportation and storage
  • Stable and secure, still comparatively light-weight steel lift
  • Manage most lifting situations; both low and high lifting, seated or supine, to and from the floor
Earn 1699 Points ($17.00)
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