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Leggero Strollers

Leggero Strollers are appropriate for children who are limited to a seated position and need mobility and positioning assistance. They are lightweight, compact-folding, tilt and recline strollers and offer lots of growth and adjustability and 30° hip angle adjustment. Buy Leggro strollers at lowest rates only at Medicaleshop!
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Leggero Dyno SE Special Needs Stroller

  • Provides 30° hip angle adjustment
  • Lightweight and provide all-terrain mobility
  • Ideal combination of 3 wheeled mobility with an adjustable seating system
Earn 1432 Points ($14.30)

Leggero Reach SE Special Needs Stroller

  • With 10, 20, or 30 degrees of fixed tilt plus recline
  • Lightweight weighting only 26.5lbs and folds compactly
  • The Reach comes in 3 sizes and up to 150 lb weight capacity
  • Includes Swiveling Front Wheel and Respond™ Contoured Seating System
Earn 1184 Points ($11.80)

Leggero Trak SE Special Needs Stroller

  • Leggero Trak is an all-terrain stroller
  • Provides adjustability with compact folding
  • Features RESPOND contoured seating system
  • Allows 30° hip angle and seat-to-back angle movement
Earn 1699 Points ($17.00)
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