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Symmetric Designs

Symmetric designs is a premium manufacturer of high quality and innovative medical products. The Savant headrest for wheelchairs is a unique support for the head and neck of users with special needs. Shop for Symmetric designs products online at www.medicaleshop.com
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Symmetric Designs Savant Total Control Head Support

Symmetric Designs savant head support provides total control for the head and the pads are easy to reshape by hand.

Earn 500 Points ($5.00)

Symmetric Designs Headmaster Cervical Collar

Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar is designed with a lightweight structure to support head and neck for the users with muscles weakness.
Earn 162 Points ($1.60)

Symmetric Designs APEX Headrest Pads for Plush Head Support

Earn 152 Points ($1.50)

Symmetric Designs Torticollis (T.O.T.) Collar

Symmetric Designs Torticollis(T.O.T.) Collar is designed for infants to support their neck and correction to the shape of the head and neck gradually.
Earn 96 Points ($1.00)

Symmetric Designs ADA Lap System

Earn 241 Points ($2.40)
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Select up to 4 items to compare.