Aquatic Occupational Therapy

The power of water has always been underrated but not anymore. Have you heard about the buoyancy effect of water? It helps the people having limited mobility to stand in water without any support. Isn't it amazing? Hydrotherapy has been a big magic for arthritis pain, weight loss, post surgery therapy and many more. Get your supplies now, and live a pain free life.
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Danmar Combination Head Float & Stabilizer Bar

Combination Head Float & Stabilizer Bar helps keep the face out of the water. This works with people who may hyper-extend or tip backwards or sideways.
Earn 256 Points ($2.60)

Danmar Sectional Pool Raft for Special Needs

Sectional Raft allows water to flow around the body rather than holding a person on top of the water, which enables interaction with the environment and helps reduce anxiety.
Earn 269 Points ($2.70)

Danmar Comfort Mat

Place Comfort Mat at pool's edge to ease entry/exit. In the shower, these moisture-proof mats offer a soft floor covering.
Earn 220 Points ($2.20)

Danmar Dolphin Float System

Dolphin Float System is ideal for physically involved individuals who have head/trunk control, but may need to compensate for uneven weight.
Earn 198 Points ($2.00)

Danmar Swim Rings

    Danmar swim rings can be added and remove to increase or decrease the amount of flotation, as well as to adjust for comfort.
    Earn 104 Points ($1.00)

    Danmar Stabilizer Bar

    Stabilizer Bar helps with maintaining balance and equilibrium during walking/gaiting pool exercises, as used in some stroke recovery therapies.
    Earn 138 Points ($1.40)

    Danmar Head Float

      Head Float is constructed from Ensolite® marine flotation foam, the Head Float will not sink or absorb water, even if cut or punctured.
      Earn 114 Points ($1.10)

      Danmar Delta Swim System

      Delta swim system is designed to aid in progressive swimming development, and it is perfect for ambulatory individuals with postural balance and arm control.
      Earn 134 Points ($1.30)

      Danmar Pad Plus

        Danmar Pad Plus may be attached to the front section to add buoyancy and raise the body position in the water.
        Earn 61 Points ($0.60)

        Aqua Creek Tidalwave pool bike

        Aqua creek tidalwave pool bike offer users a relaxing, energising, and efficient water workout. It is fantastic for low-impact physical rehabilitation, aquatic spin classes, and even at-home workouts.

        Earn 2159 Points ($21.60)

        Aqua Creek ProWave pool bike

        Aqua creek ProWave pool bike features a unique flywheel design to provide a smooth operation and adjust the resistance.
        Earn 1378 Points ($13.80)

        CanDo Aquatic Ankle Cuffs

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