Specialty Headrests and Neck Supports

I2I Head and Neck Support Systems are ideal for support and positioning to wheelchair users. Custom support and safety is assured for clients confined to longer seating time in manual and power wheelchairs. I2I Headrest support system provides users with higher level of positioning and security.
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Headpod Dynamic Head Support System

  • It provides a focused and balanced posture in users
  • Allows for head mobility and rotation in order to achieve a vertical and physiological head posture
  • Helps to prevent musculoskeletal abnormalities, contractures, and the pain that goes along with them
  • It improves pulmonary ventilation, and helps to prevent problems including respiratory failure, pneumonia, and bronchiectasis
Earn 386 Points ($3.90)

Symmetric Designs Savant Total Control Head Support

Symmetric Designs savant head support provides total control for the head and the pads are easy to reshape by hand.

Earn 500 Points ($5.00)

Symmetric Designs APEX Headrest Pads for Plush Head Support

Earn 152 Points ($1.50)

Symmetric Designs Torticollis (T.O.T.) Collar

Symmetric Designs Torticollis(T.O.T.) Collar is designed for infants to support their neck and correction to the shape of the head and neck gradually.
Earn 96 Points ($1.00)

AEL Tri-Pad Headrest with Mounting Bracket

AEL Tri-Pad Headrest with Mounting Bracket features SunMate foam under a black dartex or vinyl cover.

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Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar

Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar is designed with a lightweight structure to support head and neck for the users with muscles weakness.
Earn 162 Points ($1.60)
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