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Action Products

Action Products manufactures pressure relieving support surfaces and combine both simplicity as well as functionality. Their products have much pressure and shear dropping abilities which prevent pressure ulcers.
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Action Products Professional Cushion

  • 1-5/8" thickness of Akton® polymer provides effective weight distribution
  • Exceptionally effective pressure relief for users at risk of skin breakdown
  • Provides an additional 50% cushioning against pressure, shear and vibration
Earn 156 Points ($1.60)

Action Products Pilot Cushion

  • Low profile allows for efficient foot-assisted propulsion
  • Multi-use cushion reduce high pressure, vibration, and shear
  • Adapts to pre-contoured rigid or foam cushions to maximize stability and placement
  • 1" of Akton® polymer provides immersion for bony prominences, protects clients with fragile skin integrity
Earn 127 Points ($1.30)

Action Products Xact LP2 Wheelchair Cushion

  • Leg channel provides support and comfort for Adductor positioning
  • Back wedges and a high robust foundation support solid pelvic posture
  • For clients who are active and/or at moderate to high risk, permit a low seat to floor height
  • Unique design floats the user in a pool of Akton® polymer, cushioning key pressure areas for long-lasting comfort and support
Earn 294 Points ($2.90)

Action Products Xact Classic Cushion

  • Body Smart® cover comes standard with the xact classic cushion
  • Provides exceptional pressure distribution and anti-shearing qualities
  • Recommended for users requiring forward and lateral positional support
  • Improved support for the gluteal region and bony protuberances is provided with viscoelastic pink foam
Earn 294 Points ($2.90)

Action Products Xact Soft Cushion

  • Offers outstanding comfort and pressure distribution
  • Multiple visco foam layers provide considerable immersion and envelopment
  • Ideal for clients requiring pressure relief plus forward and lateral positional support
  • 9/16" Action® cube pad assists the user to maintain a comfortable, therapeutic position
Earn 294 Points ($2.90)

Action Products Commuter Cushion

  • Offers pressure and shear reduction for low risk users
  • Comes with a basic durable-stretch knit material cover that wicks away moisture
  • Combination of 1/2" Akton polymer and 1 3/4" foam are sealed in a waterproof film barrier
Earn 105 Points ($1.10)

Action Products Shear Smart Pad

  • The pad surface's cube structure allows for airflow
  • If more support is needed, the pad will adapt to curved bases
  • Combination of pad with shear smart cover reduces the effects of shear while providing user comfort
  • Pad provides cushioning from mild impact, heat dissipation and the comfort of sitting on 9/16" of Akton® polymer
Earn 121 Points ($1.20)

Action Products Centurian Cushion

  • Comfortable cushion for active individuals with low maintenance
  • Offers pressure and shear reduction for low-to-moderate risk users
  • It is long-term care facilities' first choice to help with decubitus prevention and treatment
  • Combined layers of 5/8" Akton® polymer and 5/8" foam are sealed in a waterproof film for incontinence protection
Earn 111 Points ($1.10)
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