Comfort Company Vicair Cushions

Comfort Company Vicair Cushions are designed to provide the superior pressure re-distribution quality of air with custom positioning capabilities on a stable seating surface with little to no maintenance for the user or caregiver. We carry Adjuster X, Liberty X, Versa X, Vector X, Liberty, etc.
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Comfort Company Vicair Adjuster O2 Standard Profile Cushion

  • Front compartments offer femoral support
  • The pre-ischial shelf minimizes sliding forward
  • Adjustable skin protection cushion assists with managing pelvic asymmetry
  • Standard 4" thick cushion offers stability, comfort and the entire cushion is machine washable without removing the air pockets
Earn 297 Points ($3.00)

Comfort Company Vicair Adjuster O2 Low Profile Cushion

  • Low 2.5" height cushion minimizes sliding and shear forces
  • An adjustable skin protection cushion provides support for the IT/coccyx area
  • Vicair O2 cushions have an open design that provides 100% airflow and ventilation
  • SmartCells in cushion compartment shift and deform individually and together adjust to the body
Earn 312 Points ($3.10)

Comfort Company Vicair Vector O2 Cushion

  • Has nine adjustable compartments for stability
  • SmartCells conform to the body's contours to provide pressure redistribution
  • Breathable cushion made with mesh fabric, helping with temperature and moisture control
  • Front compartments that can be modified for specific positioning needs to give leg alignment and stability
Earn 327 Points ($3.30)

Comfort Company Vicair Active O2 Low Profile Cushion

  • Provides lateral and frontal stability
  • Offers the combination of an ergonomically shaped foam and Vicair SmartCells
  • SmartCells are filled with non-flowing air and conform to the body's contours to provide pressure redistribution
  • Four rear compartments provide a high level of comfort, skin protection and reduce pressure in the IT/coccyx area
Earn 336 Points ($3.40)

Comfort Company Incontinent Liner

Earn 53 Points ($0.50)
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