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Prism Medical believes that with any lift system the sling is a very important component to the system, as it is the only link between the client and the lifting device. Appropriate sling selection and application is integral in ensuring the safety of the interaction between the client and the lifting device. Choose wide range from the Prism Medical’s selection of universal slings, hygiene slings, positioning slings etc. for smooth access in home online here at Medicaleshop.
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Prism Medical Universal Sling for Patient Transfer Lifts

  • It is simple to use and fit
  • A multi-purpose sling that enables toileting access
  • Include several color-coded loops to accommodate different seating positions
  • Supports the hips and sacrum, as well as the thighs and underarms up to the shoulders
Earn 251 Points ($2.50)

Prism Medical Universal Mesh Sling with Head Support

  • A common patient lift sling used for general transfers
  • It is lightweight, machine washable, breathable, and dries quickly
  • Leg, hip, and shoulder straps come standard on Universal slings for further support
Earn 267 Points ($2.70)

Prism Medical Hygiene Quilted Sling With Chest Buckle Strap

  • Polyester mesh fabric with quilted foam
  • Reduces bunching and Enhanced comfort
  • Created exclusively for toileting and hygiene
  • Used in conjunction with a lifting hoist or a stand aid
Earn 386 Points ($3.90)

Prism Medical Universal Quilted Sling

  • Leg supports are made of Quilted Mesh material
  • Simple to use, fit,and easily washable when needed
  • Sling can be utilised in a divided leg or closed leg position for transfers
  • It has the classic lines for practically any transfer, whether seated, reclining, or supine
Earn 260 Points ($2.60)

Prism Medical Hammock Sling by Handicare

  • Commode with a small opening
  • For individuals who require a sling that provides maximum sacral support
  • In a seated or supine position, divided leg supports can be applied and removed
  • Supports the hips and sacrum, as well as the thighs and underarms up to the shoulders
Earn 386 Points ($3.90)

Prism Medical Full Standing Support Sling

  • Two-in-one sling that allows to move naturally from sitting to standing
  • Adjustable dual buckle enclosures provide support around the torso
  • Adjustable straps with a buckle enclosing support the thigh supports
  • Pivot transfers, ambulation, and toileting from both the bedside and chair surface
Earn 478 Points ($4.80)

Prism Medical Rehab Total Support System Sling

  • Leg supports are also padded for further comfort
  • With twin adjustable Velcro enclosures, it provides torso support
  • It is a fall prevention device that aids with ambulation and gate training
  • Provides lateral support when moving and has an 800 lbs. safe operating load
Earn 922 Points ($9.20)

Prism Medical Comfort Recline Spacer Sling by Handicare

  • Sling for sitting transfers that can be used for a variety of tasks
  • Supports from the bottom of the thighs to the top of the shoulders
  • Designed for amputees, or need to wear the sling for longer periods of time
  • The spacer material accommodate the curve of the chair and is entirely breathable
Earn 455 Points ($4.50)

Prism Medical Dual Access Poly Sling

  • Comes with a Velcro and belt enclosure
  • has a unique U-shaped design with numerous cutouts
  • The commode opening on the Poly Sling is quite large
  • allow you to remove and replace your lower clothing for toileting
Earn 372 Points ($3.70)

Prism Medical Stand Aid Sling

  • Accomplish user transfers in a standing posture
  • Provides support from the mid to low back and around the torso
  • Designed to aid in sit-to-stand transfers, toileting, and standing exercises
Earn 218 Points ($2.20)

Prism Medical Deluxe Hammock Sling by Handicare

  • Provides maximum sacral support
  • It has a commode aperture for toileting
  • It provides adequate support for most amputees
  • Created with patients with weakened body muscle tone in mind
Earn 437 Points ($4.40)

Prism Medical Independent Lifter

Prism Independent Lifter is a device that allows patients with moderate to strong upper body functions to regulate their transfers without the use of a sling.
Earn 1676 Points ($16.80)
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