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TheraTogs offers physical rehabilitation systems that help in neuromotor development, postural stability, sensory training, bone and joint development in infants and young kids, and body awareness.
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TheraTogs ULTRA Full Body System

  • Ideal for children and adults with complex neuromotor disorders
  • Enhances postural stability and alignment by "strapping" the torso and extremities
  • TankTop and hipster together provides a solid base of trunk stability and postural alignment
  • Developed to give mass practice of the rehabilitation exercises that aim to improve hip stability, core stability, and postural alignment
Earn 421 Points ($4.20)

TheraTogs ULTRA Lower Extremity System

  • Simplified and streamlined system to treat lower extremities
  • All garment surfaces are hook-receptive and allow to customize placement of strapping wherever it is needed
  • Designed to address several functional and alignment abnormalities of the developing femurs, hip joints, and knee joints in an independently ambulatory child and adult
Earn 247 Points ($2.50)

TheraTogs ULTRA Posture and Torso Alignment (PTA) System

  • Consists of 2 garments and a set of small straps
  • Uses the "upright" response of human to promote better functional alignment
  • Simple to wear, cost-effective garment to provide improvements in upper body alignment
  • PTA includes TankTop and Hipster that gives the wearer all-day-long carryover of the postural and torso retraining
Earn 272 Points ($2.70)

TheraTogs ULTRA Wrist and Thumb Positioning System

    • Wrist and thumb system can be used to improve wrist & thumb stability
    • GoldTone fabric grips, dynamically repositions, and retrains the neuromotor system
    • Effective in supporting and maintaining the joint position gains achieved with manual correction
    • No wrist or hand support equipment on the market can match this system's adaptability, versatility, and patient comfort
    Earn 150 Points ($1.50)

    TheraTogs ULTRA Wunzi Infant System

    • Supports therapy goals both during and between therapy sessions
    • Caregivers love the over-the-diaper design which is quick and easy to put on
    • Designed for young clients by increasing sensory input while improving core stability
    • Wunzi is a comfortable, foam-lined, Velcro®-sensitive garment and strapping system that grips the skin
    Earn 201 Points ($2.00)

    TheraTogs TogRite Strapping Material

      • Securely embedded, elasticized silicone grip lining
      • Elastomeric strapping with an inert, silicone-based grip surface
      • Dynamic strapping material with resisted elongation and strong, elastic rebound properties
      • The body or garment surface is gripped by an elasticized, latex-free backing to prevent migration while being worn and moving
      Earn 228 Points ($2.30)
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