Gait Trainers and Walkers

Gait Trainers are designed to promote enhanced alignment and increase functional walking mobility for users. They encourage active mobilization and improve gait function. The main goal of the Gait Trainer is to enable the correct movement of the foot and leg in a synchronized fashion. The users are guided to use their whole body weight as a stabilizer with strong ankle, knee, and hip joint action, strengthening stability at all times during gait training. There are 3 main types of gait trainers: anterior, posterior, and suspension. An anterior gait trainer is kept at the front position of the user to push it forward. The posterior gait trainer is kept behind the user to pull it and push down their weight. And the suspension gait trainer comes with a harness to support the user's upper body, and kind of lift the user to a standing position.
Some people may require pelvic belts and chest supports, while others are comfortable with a good hand grip. Are you in search of the right gait trainer or confused in selecting the correct sizing? Reach out to our customer support to get all your answers! Call now at (866) 563-6812 for professional help.
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Inspired by Drive Nimbo Posterior Walker

  • Folds easily for transportation
  • 5" front and rear soft rubber wheels
  • Lightweight and height adjustable aluminum frame
  • Override bracket allows for forward and reverse mobility
Earn 175 Points ($1.80)

R82 Crocodile Gait Trainer

  • Crocodile posterior gait trainer is light, easy to dismantle and easy to use
  • For children who need supplementary assistance with their daily walking
  • Anti-reverse wheel stops are used for children with less balance and control
  • Adjustable handles that can be individually adapted to a position provide maximum support and stability
Earn 646 Points ($6.50)

RedBarn Creepster Crawler

  • Crawler has been beneficial for children with physically limiting conditions
  • Creepster Crawler is revolutionary in its design, lightweight and durability.
  • RedBarn Crawler's frame has a padded platform that can support a therapist from above to make it easier to work.
Earn 587 Points ($5.90)

Kaye Scoot-About

  • Mobile sitting and exercise device
  • Water-resistant upholstery facilitates sanitation
  • Adjustable seat height allows for a customizable user experience
  • Can be used in sitting, prone and supine positions by the children
Earn 354 Points ($3.50)

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer - Large

  • Provides height adjustable frame options
  • Foldable design enables easy transport and storage.
  • Simple attaching prompts and supports for quick adaptation
  • Enhance strength and independence for a higher quality of health
Earn 1990 Points ($19.90)

Kaye Posture Control Walker - Youth

  • Designed to make walking less energy consuming
  • Rubber hand-grips for comfortably holding the walker
  • Intended to encourage better alignment and increase users' practical walking mobility
Earn 227 Points ($2.30)

Kaye Posture Control Walker - Adolescent

  • Folds up conveniently for storage
  • increase walking capability while increasing alignment and energy efficiency
  • positions and support behind the user, requiring them to adopt a more upright posture
Earn 280 Points ($2.80)

Kaye Posture Control Walker - Child

  • Kaye Walker - Child is easy to fold, storage and transportation
  • Designed to make walking less energy consuming, improve alignment and maximize potential for walking
  • Provides extra drag for users who cannot manage a walker that rolls forward as they shift their weight forward
Earn 216 Points ($2.20)

Circle Specialty Klip Posterior Walker 4-Wheeled

  • Klip Lightweight posterior can also be used in the anterior position
  • Klip 4-Wheeled Walker folds easily for compact storage and transport
  • The klip is a lightweight posterior gait trainer for kids, teens and young adults
Earn 179 Points ($1.80)

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer - Medium

  • Rifton’s dynamic Pacer allows the dynamic weight-bearing and weight-shifting
  • The MPS is the ultimate pelvic positioning component. Adjustable in five directions
  • Equipment that encourages individuals with physical disabilities to bear weight and take reciprocal steps
Earn 1590 Points ($15.90)

Kaye Posture Control Walker - Small Child

  • Encourages your child to stay upright
  • Rear crutch tips of a Kaye posture control walker
  • Fold up for convenient storage and transportation
  • Reduce energy consumption, improve alignment, and maximize walking potential
Earn 205 Points ($2.00)

Kaye Posture Control Walker - Pre-Adolescent

  • Intended to reduce energy consumption
  • Improve alignment, and maximize walking potential
  • Encourages better alignment and increases users functional walking mobility
Earn 247 Points ($2.50)
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