Car Seats for Special Needs

Special Needs Car Seats are designed for special needs children to fulfill their positioning needs. Car seats from variety of brands with customizable options are available for specific child’s positioning needs. Brands includes Thomashilfen, Columbia medical, R82, Convaid, Special Tomato and many more.

18 Products

R82 Wallaroo car seat

$895.50 $995.00

R82 Pilot car seat

$544.50 $605.00

in stock

R82 Quokka car seat

$630.00 $700.00

Spirit APS car seat - Plus

$2,506.71 $3,872.00

in stock

Spirit APS car seat - Standard

$993.43 $1,534.50

in stock

Spirit Spica car seat

$993.43 $1,534.50

in Stock

Convaid Carrot 3 car seat

$1,928.70 $2,143.00

in stock