Car Seats for Special Needs

Car seats for special needs children are designed to provide safety, comfort, and support to children with physical disabilities, medical conditions, or other special needs that make it difficult for them to sit upright and secure in a traditional car seat. These seats are typically designed with a range of features to accommodate the unique needs of each child, such as adjustable harnesses, extra padding, and specialized headrests. Medicaleshop offers variety of options to choose from Trusted Brands including Convaid Carrot 3 Car Seat , Roosevelt Carseat , Booster Seats , Churchill Car Seat , R82 Quokka car seat and many more. When choosing a car seat for a special needs child, it is important to consult with a medical professional or a certified car seat technician to ensure that the seat meets the specific needs of the child and is installed correctly. With the right car seat, children with special needs can travel safely and comfortably, allowing them to participate in activities and outings with their families with confidence and peace of mind.

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Churchill Backless Booster Positioning Car Seat

  • Support users weighing between 44 and 175 lbs.
  • Has a low-profile seat that simplifies occupant transfer into the vehicle
  • Designed for younger children, with flexible straps to keep their upper body in place while travelling
Earn 695 Points ($7.00)

Chamberlain Positioning Vehicle Seat Belt System

  • Designed for children and adults for harnessing their upper torso while travelling
  • Fits children and adults of 81 to 225 lbs.
  • No base is required. Harness and vest stay in vehicle
Earn 590 Points ($5.90)

Roosevelt Pediatric Car Seat with Head Support

  • Designed for kids with low muscle tone
  • Five different shoulder strap slot heights
  • Support user weighing between 35 lbs. to 115 lbs.
  • "EZ-Up" headrest keep the occupant's head in an upright position
Earn 825 Points ($8.30)

AngelRide Infant Car Bed

  • Infants weighing less than 9 lbs. and measuring less than 21.5 inches
  • Supine, Prone, or Right Side Lying positions are all possible for the infant
  • Designed for infants who cannot tolerate a reclining position during travel due to medical reasons
Earn 430 Points ($4.30)

Convaid Carrot 3 Special Needs Car Seat

  • Grows with your child 30-108 lbs. / 37"-60"
  • LATCH system provides a variety of options for secure anchoring
  • Back reclines flat 180 degrees from a fully upright position 90 degrees
  • Provides optimal positioning for insufficient head, trunk, and pelvic stability
Earn 2004 Points ($20.00)

Spirit Plus APS Special Needs Car Seat by Inspired by Drive

  • Allows for a wide range of weights (25-130 lbs.) and heights (up to 5'6")
  • Provides everyday safety with optimal levels of clinical assistance to help with positioning needs
  • Spirit plus car seat includes a memory foam back support and seating area for relaxing trip
Earn 2337 Points ($23.40)

Hope Car Bed for Infants

  • Designed for the toddlers who need longer period in bed
  • Two sizes of restraint bags and adjustable cummerbunds offered
  • 3 positions: supine (back), right side and prone (stomach)
  • Two models available: standard car bed and car bed for hip casts
Earn 1215 Points ($12.20)

Thomashilfen Hercules Prime Car Seat

  • In a few simple steps, the booster seat can be quickly folded to a small, portable size
  • Hercules Car Seat is an adaptive and special needs booster seat that grows with the child for years
  • Individuals weighing between 40 and 176.4 lbs. and height between 51.1 and 70.9 inches tall are suitable
  • Perfect for children, young people and adults with physical and neurological disabilities to always be safe in the car
  • Hercules' tilting function of up to 10° gives better seating comfort for people with weak upper body control and rotates to the right side only
Earn 3043 Points ($30.40)

Spirit APS Special Needs Car Seat by Inspired by Drive

  • Adjustable Positioning System (APS) Car Seat fulfill positioning needs, with hip and trunk support
  • Support wide range of weights and heights, so a child and adult can grow without buying a new car seat
Earn 1083 Points ($10.80)

Convaid Carrot 3 Booster Seat

  • Able to accommodate growth from 79-165 lbs. / 55"-69"
  • “Free Angle” Recline up to 180° Conforms to the vehicle’s seat
  • High density foam inserts for optimal positioning and maximum comfort
  • Booster seat child restraint is equipped with LATCH connector system
Earn 2549 Points ($25.50)

Spirit Spica Special Needs Car Seat by Inspired by Drive

  • A low and wide side profile is provided to accommodate a spica cast
  • Includes positioning wedges, memory foam seating and back support, and wipeable padded upholstery
  • Spirit Spica can support up to 130 lbs. and is only available in stealth black
Earn 942 Points ($9.40)

Thomashilfen RECARO Monza Nova 2 Reha Adaptive Car Seat

  • Especially suitable for developmental disabilities
  • Quick and easy seat transfer from one vehicle to another
  • Integrated speaker system and inflatable head rest cushion
  • Special needs booster car seat with height-adjustable head support
Earn 1359 Points ($13.60)
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