Therapy Rolls and Wedges

Therapy Rolls and wedges are made for exercises that involve balance, postural treatment, extension and flexion, and neurodevelopment. They are ideal for use in healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, private residences, special education programs, academic programs, and physical education classes. The rolls are designed for fitness purposes, stretching, and rehabilitation. The Therapy Wedges are ideal for reading and fine motor skills as well as gross motor activities including rolling, tumbling, and walking uphill or downhill.
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Tumble Forms Rolls

    Tumble Forms Rolls are latex-free and abrasion and tear-resistant, making them perfect for long-term use.
    Earn 88 Points ($0.90)

    Tumble Forms 2 Therapy Wedges

      Tumble Forms Wedge is constructed of molded foam with a soft, seamless body-fluid-resistant coating and is perfect for kids with limited upper-body movement.
      Earn 140 Points ($1.40)

      Tumble Forms Raised Roll

        Earn 60 Points ($0.60)

        Tumble Forms BiForm Wedge

          Tumble Forms BiForm wedge features a unique shape that helps in better chest expansion.
          Earn 248 Points ($2.50)

          Tumble Forms Slotted Wedge

            The wedges aid hip alignment by minimizing rotation and allowing for lower-extremity adduction.
            Earn 205 Points ($2.00)

            Tumble Forms Deluxe Strap Wedges

              Earn 252 Points ($2.50)

              Tumble Forms Adolescent Thera-Wedge System

                Adolescents and small adults benefit from the Thera-Wedge System. It comprises two wedges that can be used together to help clients relax into flexion patterns and break extensor patterns.
                Earn 983 Points ($9.80)

                Tumble Forms Add-on Leg Abductor Wedge

                  Earn 57 Points ($0.60)

                  Tumble Forms Therapist Starter Kit

                    The rolls in the starter kit is designed to be adaptable for rolling and rocking movements, as well as positioning and neurodevelopment therapy.
                    Earn 352 Points ($3.50)

                    Tumble Forms Maintenance Kit

                      The maintenance kit is suitable for both personal and professional use, and it aids in the repair of upholstery damage as well as the replacement of VELCRO brand self-adhesive hooks and loops.
                      Earn 68 Points ($0.70)

                      Tumble Forms Valu-Form Wedges

                        Earn 154 Points ($1.50)

                        Tumble Forms Valu-Form Rolls

                          Earn 94 Points ($0.90)
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