Standard Wheelchairs

Standard Wheelchairs offer versatility, high performance and more comfortable ride for the users. These wheelchairs are durable, easy to maintain and provide enhanced function and positioning. They are fully customizable with various options which allow folding, built-in or removable arm rests, swing-away footrests, two large wheels, two small wheels in the front and push handles to allow non-occupants to propel the chair.
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Invacare IVC 9000 XDT Wheelchair

Invacare 9000 XDT Wheelchair is an extra-wide, heavy-duty Chair that is built for tall users for a comfortable fit. It has a weight capacity of 350 lbs.
Earn 803 Points ($8.00)

Everest & Jennings Advantage LX Wheelchair

Everest & Jennings Advantage LX Wheelchair features hammer tone paint that provides a long-lasting and durable finish chair.
Earn 254 Points ($2.50)

Everest & Jennings Traveler SE Plus Wheelchair

Everest and Jennings Traveler SE Plus Wheelchair combines the convenience of a conventional wheelchair with the convenience of a two-inch seat height adjustment for a hemi posture.
Earn 286 Points ($2.90)

Drive Medical Rebel Lightweight Manual Wheelchair

Drive Medical Rebel manual wheelchair is lightweight and incredibly manoeuvrable, making it simple to use in confined spaces.
Earn 243 Points ($2.40)

Drive Medical Silver Sport 1 Single Axle Manual Wheelchair

Drive silver sport wheelchair is durable lightweight, attractive and easy to clean nylon upholstery. Silver sport wheelchair comes with swing-away footrests or elevating legrests.
Earn 160 Points ($1.60)

Drive Medical Silver Sport 2 Dual Axle Manual Wheelchair

Drive silver sport dual axle manual wheelchair is durable, lightweight and easy to clean upholstery.
Earn 193 Points ($1.90)

Drive Medical Blue Streak Single Axle Manual Wheelchair

Drive blue axle manual wheelchair which is durable, lightweight and is low maintenance. Weight capacity is up to 250 lbs.
Earn 200 Points ($2.00)

Guardian K1 standard wheelchair

Guardian K1 standard wheelchair features strong powder-coated steel construction to ensure simple maintenance and reliable longevity.

Earn 170 Points ($1.70)

Medline excel 2000 standard wheelchair

Medline Excel 2000 is a very sturdy and comfortable chair with a chart pocket, composite footplates, and a dual axle.

Earn 186 Points ($1.90)

Guardian K2 basic wheelchair

Guardian K2 basic wheelchair features durable hammertone frame that withstands plenty of use for individuals in homecare or healthcare facilities.

Earn 216 Points ($2.20)

ProBasics K2 Wheelchair

Earn 170 Points ($1.70)

McKesson standard manual wheelchair

McKesson standard manual wheelchair features dual axle that provides an easy transition to hemi-level seat height and allows users to independently propel the wheelchair with their feet.

Earn 174 Points ($1.70)
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Select up to 4 items to compare.