Showering and Changing Tables

We offer a flexible approach for showering and changing situations to accommodate adults and children. These type of tables provide safe and stable platform for the changing needs of the user accompanied by the caregiver. Folding, height adjustable, fixed height and many options available to suit individual needs as per the situation - say showering or changing, whatsoever.
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Lopital Vienna Hydraulic Changing Table

Vienna Changing Table is a secure and comfortable changing table for all levels of care, featuring a padded surface, side rails, and double-locking casters.
Earn 5189 Points ($51.90)

Ropox Height-Adjustable Shower/Changing Bed

  • Soft and flexible slats provide the user with optimum comfort
  • Electrical height adjustment allows you to set the height using a practical hand control
  • When not in use, the wall-mounted design can be folded upright to conserve bathroom space
  • The welfare technology, user-friendliness, and design lead to security and satisfaction for both the user and the helper
Earn 6834 Points ($68.30)

Smirthwaite Hi-Riser Electric Shower Stretcher - Wall & Floor Mounted

Earn 8317 Points ($83.20)

Smirthwaite Easi-Lift Shower Stretcher

The Easi-Lift Shower Stretcher is designed to easily move the patient while they are on the stretcher and is electronically operated with a height range of 19.6 inch.
Earn 5012 Points ($50.10)

Smirthwaite Fixed Height Shower Stretcher

The showering stretcher is a fixed-height wall-mounted table that can be folded when not in use.
Earn 2140 Points ($21.40)

TR 2000 Hydraulic Height Adjustable Shower Trolley By TR Equipment

  • Hydraulic height & tilt adjustment
  • Side-mounted column for secure transfers
  • Foldable side rails for patient transfer
  • 440lbs Maximum patient weight capacity
Earn 6925 Points ($69.30)

TR 3000 Battery Operated Height Adjustable Shower Trolley By TR Equipment

  • The trolley is operated by a foot control
  • The mattress is easily removable for cleaning
  • Height-adjustable for ergonomic use by caregivers
  • Powder coated stainless steel chassis and sub-frames for durability and easy cleaning
Earn 7555 Points ($75.50)

TR 4000 Atlas Battery Operated Heavy Duty Bariatric Shower Trolley By TR Equipment

  • 1000 lbs Bariatric weight capacity
  • Height-adjustable base for easy transfers
  • Rechargeable battery-powered dual actuators
  • Durable powder-coated stainless steel construction
Earn 11020 Points ($110.20)

Smirthwaite Mobi Changer

  • Electric changing table provides an excellent travel range
  • Effortlessly moved from room to room because to its compact and slim design
  • No installation or fixing required, fully mobile changer for a multi-use environment
  • It is simple to reach safe working heights, lowering the risk of back injuries for caregivers
Earn 3767 Points ($37.70)
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