Transfer Aids - Sitting

Transfer Aids - Sitting are recommended for users who have restricted mobility and needs help in moving around. The caregiver or assistant transfers the patient safely with the help of transfer boards, repositioning sheet etc. from bed to wheelchair, toilet chair and others.
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Immedia Swan soft glide pad with handles

    Immedia Swan is a soft glide pad with handles. Swan glide system is used for manual handling to/from bed/wheelchair/commode/armchair/car seat, etc.
    Earn 47 Points ($0.50)

    Immedia PediTurn hard, swivel cushions for floor, grey, 15"

      PediTurn Hard Cushion is used when the user cannot move their feet during the transfer.
      Earn 171 Points ($1.70)

      Immedia PediTurn soft, swivel cushions for floor, black, 15.7"

        PediTurn soft swivel cushion support moving feet during seated transfer, between wheelchair, chair, shower chair, toilet, commode
        Earn 55 Points ($0.60)

        BeasyTrans Premium Patient Transfer Board

        The model 1100 is ideal for automobile transfers. This 40" long & 12" wide S-shaped board not only decreases the risk of harm to the patient's shoulder, arm, leg, and back, but also to the caregiver.
        Earn 249 Points ($2.50)

        ADI Anti-Slip Transfer Board

          ADI anti-slip transfer board is a durable hardwood material board used for transfer of clients from wheelchair, has a weight capacity of 200 lbs.Wheelchair transfer bench from Accessible Designs is durable and has anti skid material.

          Earn 46 Points ($0.50)

          Immedia 3B-Board Transfer Board

            Immedia 3B-Board is a stable, traditional curved glide transfer board for use in multiple situations such as when transfering between bed and wheelchair / shower chair, between wheelchair / chair / toilet chair or to and from the car.
            Earn 84 Points ($0.80)

            Immedia Butterfly Transfer Board

              Immedia Butterfly ia a long, wide and stable transfer board with glide wing for additional slide function.
              Earn 236 Points ($2.40)

              Immedia E-Board Transfer Board

                Earn 80 Points ($0.80)

                Beasy II Premium Patient Transfer Board

                Model 1200 features 28" length & 12" width that is ideal for small areas, particularly bathroom transfers. This transfer board is versatile for short distance in-home transfers.
                Earn 249 Points ($2.50)

                BeasyGlyder Premium Patient Transfer Board

                The crescent shaped board is ideal for instances where the wheelchair arm is not removable or the wheel is an obstacle. This board is 32" long and 10" wide to accommodate transfer weight up to 400 lbs.
                Earn 249 Points ($2.50)

                Beasy Standard Seat Cushion

                  For a pleasant transfer, the 12" padded cushion fits on the pivoting seat of the transfer board. It has a gripper-like substance on the rear that keeps it in place during transfers.
                  Earn 19 Points ($0.20)

                  FabLife Standing/sitting turntable, 15" diameter

                  Earn 329 Points ($3.30)
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