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Special Tomato

Special Tomato offers a full range of pediatric rehabilitation products assisting them to overcome various developmental disabilities and helping to become independent. Medicaleshop holds a wide range of Special Tomato products including Special Tomato Therapy Rolls, Special Tomato Push Chairs, Special Tomato Car Seat and much more at unbeatable rates!
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Special Tomato Soft-Touch Floor Sitter

  • Soft contoured seat with anti-thrust seating surface
  • Attachment Straps for different Sitter Bases, other standard chairs and strollers
  • It has anti-microbial properties, is impermeable to fluids, as well as latex-free and peel- and tear-resistant
  • Allows children to be close to the floor without caregivers having to transfer them all the way down to the floor
Earn 383 Points ($3.80)

Special Tomato Jogger All Terrain Stroller

  • Functional rear suspension and rear parking brake
  • All terrain stroller ensures a smooth ride over most surfaces
  • Supports children with or without special needs weighing up to 110 lbs.
  • Thick, latex-free padded seat and back surface with washable upholstery
Earn 905 Points ($9.10)

Special Tomato EIO Push Chair

  • Easy push all terrain stroller
  • The EIO Push Chair recline between 25° and 75°
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with foldable design
  • Intended for children from infancy through elementary age
Earn 799 Points ($8.00)

Special Tomato CatchUp Chair

  • It is easily configured without tools
  • Provide a perfect-fit seat with leg support at right height
  • Its design makes it a favorite for schools, medical clinics, and hospitals as well as homes
  • Seat depth, seat to footrest height, seat to floor height and backrest height are all adjustable in 1 inch increments
Earn 1761 Points ($17.60)

Special Tomato Soft-Touch Floor Sitter Wedge Only

  • Made up of soft touch material
  • Can be secured with the sitter with the help of attachment straps
  • Is anti-microbial, impermeable to fluids, latex-free and peel- & tear-resistant
Earn 314 Points ($3.10)

Special Tomato MPS Seat with Footrest

  • Perfect for peer interaction, sitting outside on the deck, or dinner
  • Attachment straps that can be used to attach this seat to standard chairs
  • Seamless, latex-free cushions are impermeable to fluids and soft, yet durable
  • Multi-positioning seat combined with footrest provides proper support to your child
Earn 1781 Points ($17.80)

Special Tomato MPS Car Seat with Headrest

  • Minimum Weight Requirement for this car seat is 20 lbs.
  • Soft-Touch® Cushions are made from a new latex-free material
  • Designed to offer comfortable and proper positioning support in the car
  • Seating surface modules are soft for comfort supported by the seat shell
Earn 1050 Points ($10.50)

Special Tomato MPS Seat Cushion

The Seat Cushion is cool to the touch, has a non-sticky surface, and comes in a variety of colors.
Earn 156 Points ($1.60)

Special Tomato Mobile Floor Base for MPS Seat

  • Wood complements the chocolate base
  • Comes standard with 4 swivel wheels with rear locks
  • Optional Wooden MPS Base allows for 10 - 25 degrees of Tilt-In-Space
  • A convenient tray storage is located on the back for the Optional Tray
Earn 969 Points ($9.70)

Special Tomato MPS Hi-Low Seating System - Small

  • MPS hi-lo seating system can be lowered to the floor
  • MPS hi-lo seat, small has maximum weight capacity of 80 lbs.
  • A versatile seating system can be used in a classroom or at home
  • Hi-Low MPS Seat is uniquely designed with contoured cushions, made from a latex free material
Earn 2882 Points ($28.80)

Special Tomato Hi-Low MPS Adaptive Seating System - Large

  • Pedal activated adjustments for Tilt-in-Space & Hi-Low functions
  • Tilt-in-Space (with child in the seat) from -30 degrees to 10 degrees
  • Hi-low MPS seat provides height adjustable seating with built-in growth
  • Hip-flex feature on MPS seating system allows a 30° range of pelvic tilt
Earn 3699 Points ($37.00)

Special Tomato Mobile Activity Tray

  • It provides adjustability, maneuverability and versatility
  • Tool-free adjustable height range allows for growth
  • This Activity Tray can accommodate most pieces of equipment
  • Tray surface can be infinitely placed anywhere between 0 and 80 degrees
Earn 707 Points ($7.10)
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