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Drive Medical Trotter Pediatric Mobility Chair

  • Crash tested frame
  • Available in three fun colors
  • Adjustable back angles 85°, 90°, and 95°
  • Canopy & Under Seat Carrier included as standard.
  • Trotter comes with a padded seat & back upholstery, and can easily grow with your child with an adjustable seat depth.
Earn 793 Points ($7.90)

BestMove STA400 standing transfer aid

  • Maximum weight capacity 400 lbs.
  • Padded split seats swing out allows the user to stand up
  • Equipped with a crossbar where users can grasp and pull their self-up
  • Convenient foot lever design increases usability and results in quicker transfers
Earn 645 Points ($6.50)

Etac Clean Shower Commode Chair

  • Push handle's upright position
  • Umproves the accessibility for intimate hygiene
  • Seat has a recess at the front and is fully open at the rear
  • Unique design foot support can slide in underneath the seat
Earn 597 Points ($6.00)

Ki Mobility Axiom SP Visco Cushion

  • Designed to provide increased immersion
  • Constructed with foam that has a high IFD and density
  • Viscoelastic material is both viscous (changes shape slowly) and elastic (returns to its original shape)
  • Properly designed pre-contoured shape provides increased immersion, allow the trochanters to bear an effective load, widens the base of support, and reduce the load the Ischial Tuberosities must bear
Earn 301 Points ($3.00)

Hoyer 6-point professional full back sling for HPL700 lift

  • Full back sling has weight capacity up to 850 lbs.
  • Incorporates integral boned head support, padded leg pieces
  • Give full protection who go into extension, or have involuntary movements or behavioral problems
Earn 433 Points ($4.30)

Smirthwaite Portable Hip Spica Chair

  • A 5-point harness and quick release tray as standard
  • Features a new slimline design and can easily be dismantled
  • It offers high levels of adjustability and creates a lightweight solution
Earn 696 Points ($7.00)

Kaye anterior support walker - Medium

  • Anterior chest support pad
  • Front swivel wheels with wheel locks
  • Height adjustable, foldable and lightweight frame
  • Wide stable base, appropriate for users with neuromuscular impairments associated with severe spasticity, athetosis or ataxia
Earn 430 Points ($4.30)

TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System

  • TheraBite Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System is a device designed to help in the improvement of jaw mobility.
  • Therabite is used to treat trismus, a disorder that causes difficulties opening the mouth.
  • TheraBite uses passive motion to stretch the jaw muscles and tissues.
  • Therabite Jaw Exerciser comes in adult and pediatric sizes.

Novasource Renal Oral Supplement

    Earn 9 Points ($0.10)

    Gelocast Unna Boot Dressing

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