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Unlock incredible savings on a diverse selection of essential medical equipment designed to enhance comfort, mobility, and care. Our special deals category features high-quality products that provide reliable support and innovative solutions for various needs. Whether you are looking for advanced mobility aids, supportive seating, therapeutic tools, or specialized care equipment, our collection offers exceptional value. Take advantage of these exclusive discounts to improve the quality of life for yourself or your loved ones. Shop now and enjoy unparalleled savings on our carefully curated selection of indispensable medical equipment.
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Inspired by Drive Contour Hi-Back Toilet Support

  • Provide an enhanced toileting experience
  • Assists with positioning through the use of support belts
  • Orthopedically contoured back supports provide increase comfort and support
  • Materials such as plastic and polyurethane padding make it quick and easy to clean
Earn 529 Points ($5.30)

Smirthwaite Mobi Changer

  • Electric changing table provides an excellent travel range
  • Effortlessly moved from room to room because to its compact and slim design
  • No installation or fixing required, fully mobile changer for a multi-use environment
  • It is simple to reach safe working heights, lowering the risk of back injuries for caregivers
Earn 3767 Points ($37.70)

Span America Pressureguard Easy Air Mattress

Therapy Provided:

Microclimate Management [“Low Air Loss” (LAL)]
Alternating Pressure
Powered Pressure Redistribution
Earn 4520 Points ($45.20)

Etac Turner Pro

  • Provides support and stability
  • Portable device with a small footprint
  • Reduces risk of user and caregiver injury
  • Modify the height to whatever you require
Earn 398 Points ($4.00)

R82 Manatee Bath Chair

  • Seat depth is adjustable and grows with the child
  • Suitable for children weighing from 110 lbs. to 165 lbs.
  • Designed to place the user in a sitting or supine position while bathing
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to fold bathing chair can be stored when not in use
Earn 675 Points ($6.80)

IBD Contour Deluxe Tilt-in-Space PVC Bath Chair

  • Ideal to use for children who weigh 100 lbs. to 180 lbs.
  • With the simple push of a button (no tools required), the back and seat move together to create angles of 30°, 50°, 70°
  • Sturdy PVC base with a ComfortMesh seat provides a great long term solution for daily bathing at home or in a clinical setting
Earn 326 Points ($3.30)

Comfort Company M2 Gel Cushion

  • Four compartment QuadraGel pack for comfort
  • Coccyx relief cutout eliminates pressure on the tailbone and spine
  • Offers advanced positioning support with its deep lateral and medial leg contours
  • Constructed with dual density foam, a molded foam base, and a QuadraGel pack to redistribute pressure
Earn 198 Points ($2.00)

Medline Basic Aluminium Transport Chair

Medline Aluminum Transport Chair is a lightweight wheelchair that has a powder-coated aluminum frame that is both colorful and durable. It can easily move a person from one place to another with the aid of a caregiver. The back folds down for easy storage and transport.

Earn 158 Points ($1.60)

Clinton Space Saving Folding Mat Platform Table

    Space saving, folding mat platform projects only 8" when folded. The front 3 legs fold in towards the center of the platform.
    Earn 765 Points ($7.70)

    Tumble Forms Neuro Developmental Training Balls

      Earn 92 Points ($0.90)

      Kaye Posture Control Walker - Youth

      • Designed to make walking less energy consuming
      • Rubber hand-grips for comfortably holding the walker
      • Intended to encourage better alignment and increase users' practical walking mobility
      Earn 227 Points ($2.30)
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