Special Needs Bath Chairs

Special Needs Bath Chairs are ideally designed for more relaxing and pleasant bathing and showering experience for both the clients and the caregivers. These bath chairs offer easily adjustable position changes for children and adults which require minimal to maximum total body support while bathing.
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R82 Manatee Bath Chair

  • Seat depth is adjustable and grows with the child
  • Suitable for children weighing from 110 lbs. to 165 lbs.
  • Designed to place the user in a sitting or supine position while bathing
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to fold bathing chair can be stored when not in use
Earn 559 Points ($5.60)

Leckey Advance Bath Chair

  • Non-slip footings included to provide added safety in wet areas
  • Makes bath time safe and fun while still meeting an individual's postural needs
  • Simple and easy-to-use adjustments allow to set up the chair in variety of positions
  • Durable nylon fabric is breathable, soft to the touch, can be rinsed clean, and can be machine washed at 140° F (60° C)
Earn 545 Points ($5.50)

Inspired by Drive Ultima Stainless Steel Bath Chair

  • Mesh seating area with gray metal frame
  • Ultima bath chair folds flat for storage when not in use
  • Offers a great solution for people who require assisted showering
  • Independently adjustable seat-to-back angles: 0º, 30º, 60º, 90º (from vertical)
Earn 647 Points ($6.50)

Rifton Wave Bath Chair - Large

  • Wider and more comfortable with seat width of 17½"
  • Accommodates adults up to 250 lbs. with height range of 50" - 74"
  • Improves bathing and showering for the client and for the caregiver
  • Tub transfer base option enables clients to be placed in the bath chair using a mechanical lift and then rolled back and rotated over the tub for showering
Earn 785 Points ($7.90)

Rifton Wave Bath Chair - Medium

  • 15" wide seat for users up to 150 lbs.
  • Soft straps and fabric are gentle on sensitive skin
  • Least expensive option without resorting to bed baths for bathroom remodeling or assisted living
Earn 690 Points ($6.90)

Rifton Wave Bath Chair - Small

  • Can be used by children from 30" - 46"
  • Wave can make bathing more respectable and, yes, even enjoyable
  • Least expensive option without resorting to bed baths for bathroom remodeling or assisted living
Earn 660 Points ($6.60)

Drive Medical Otter Bath Chair

  • Safe and supportive for children during bathing
  • Slip-resistant legs of the chair can raise chair up to 7"
  • Otter bathing chair folds flat for easy storage and travel
  • Angle adjustable seat and back accommodate each individual's positioning needs
Earn 282 Points ($2.80)

Nuprodx MC4000Leckey Pediatric Roll-in-Shower Chair

  • Constructed of materials that won't rust or corrode
  • Suitable for kids from age 1 to 18 and up to 160 lbs.
  • With caregiver assistance this chair can be rolled right into a barrier-free shower
Earn 1946 Points ($19.50)

Nuprodx MC6000Leckey Pediatric Tub Transfer Bench System

  • Patented connector bridge to slide over and into tub
  • Most comfortable rolling transfer bench system available
  • Easy-to-change slide direction depending on bathroom configuration
  • Converts a non-accessible bathroom into an accessible one without expensive remodeling
Earn 3746 Points ($37.50)

Columbia Medical Contour Deluxe Tilt-in-Space PVC Bath Chair by Inspired by Drive

  • Ideal to use for children who weigh 100 lbs. to 180 lbs.
  • With the simple push of a button (no tools required), the back and seat move together to create angles of 30°, 50°, 70°
  • Sturdy PVC base with a ComfortMesh seat provides a great long term solution for daily bathing at home or in a clinical setting
Earn 326 Points ($3.30)

Columbia Medical Contour Supreme Reclining PVC Bath Chair by Inspired by Drive

  • Three different leg to seat angles can be created (0°, -15°, -30°)
  • Provides parent or caregiver multiple bathing options with the simple push of a button (no tools required)
  • A fantastic long-term solution for daily bathing at home or in a clinical setting is made possible by the combination of a ComfortMesh seat cover and Medical Grade PVC
Earn 396 Points ($4.00)

R82 Orca Bath Tub

  • Hygienic and smooth surface bathtub is easy to clean
  • Height adjustable frame allows for both standing and sitting care
  • Spacious bathtub provides comfort and freedom of movement to your child
  • Frame of bathtub can be taken apart to minimise space for storage or transportation
Earn 1969 Points ($19.70)
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