Canopy Enclosed Beds

Enclosed canopy beds for special needs children has several benefits including providing a safe sleeping environment and prevent the individual from falling out of bed. Enclosed canopy beds can help children with special needs sleep better by providing a calming and secure environment that promotes sensory regulation and eliminates distractions.

One example of a special needs enclosed canopy bed is the Courtney Enclosed Canopy Bed, which has a solid hardwood frame and heavy-weight sidewalls that are easy to wash. The Safety Sleeper, which has a metal frame with dense foam padding and coverlet sheets to protect against seizures and self-harming behaviors The bed also has a vinyl panel for video monitoring and is accessible only from the end of the bed zipper.

Other brands that offer special needs enclosed canopy beds include Beds by George and ZPods.

9 Products

The Safety Sleeper enclosed canopy bed

  • Portable for travel so users can feel at home in any location
  • Enclosed design prevents users from wandering at night and keeps them safe
  • Built to withstand heavy use and play with strong materials and improved joints
  • 400 model is flexible and can be opened from either side or zipped all the way around to allow for a fully open center
Earn 4297 Points ($43.00)

Pedicraft canopy enclosed bed with fixed mattress support

  • Mesh panels unzip on all four sides to provide full patient access
  • Protects a toddler from climbing over the edge and hitting the ground
  • Padded bed rails provide extra protection and can be easily raised or lowered
  • Mattress constructed of fire-retardant foam covered in Sure-Chek comfort vinyl
Earn 6403 Points ($64.00)

Pedicraft canopy enclosed bed with head elevation crank

  • Equipped with padded head and footboards
  • Allows the head section to be elevated up to 30°
  • Constructed of polyester mesh and Sure-Chek healthcare vinyl
  • Mesh panels unzip on all four sides for complete access to the patient
Earn 8075 Points ($80.80)

Pedicraft height adjustable canopy enclosed bed

  • Mesh panels unzip on all four sides to provide full patient access
  • Hydraulic hand-crank allows easy height adjustment from 27" to 37"
  • Provides convenience for the caregiver when a patient needs frequent medical attention
Earn 9595 Points ($96.00)

Noah’s enclosed canopy bed

  • Create a safe space for your child to play
  • Constructed of finely crafted wood to fit a standard twin size box spring mattress
  • Portable, easy to assemble bed designed to provide safe and comfortable sleep to the child
  • Cushioned inside padding is soft to touch and zippers are strong and resistant to breakage
Earn 5999 Points ($60.00)

Haven series twin/full size bed

  • Transfer height as low as 14" for fixed deck
  • Fabric is stretched over a rigid heavy duty tubular aluminum frame
  • Perfect for kids with autism, down syndrome, etc or who needs additional security during sleep
Earn 5460 Points ($54.60)

Courtney enclosed canopy bed

  • Can be used from early childhood into late adulthood
  • Made from heavy-weight, water resistant/repellant canvas
  • Tabs on each panel create the ability to adjust the desired tension/tautness of individual panels
  • Offers a solid hardwood frame, a durable high-sided fabric enclosure, and a safety zipper sheath
Earn 6000 Points ($60.00)

Safe Place Portable Travel Bed with Electric Pump & Travel Bag

  • Constructed of thick, reinforced material to withstand bites and scratches
  • Ideal for kids over 3 years old who have outgrown other solutions like pack & play
  • Travel bed can be used for children to provide a sense of feeling safe and enclosed
  • Attaches securely to any stationary bed full or larger or can be taken along for picnics and visit to relatives
Earn 462 Points ($4.60)

SleepSafe® InSIGHT Safety Bed - Twin Size

Earn 7196 Points ($72.00)
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