Classroom Activity Chairs

Activity chairs for kids with special needs provide postural and pelvic support to the child and the design blends into the classroom's interior. Proper positioning allows the child to learn effectively and interact with teachers and classmates, eventually developing their social skills and helping them participate in the interactive activities in the classroom. Many special needs teachers come across the issues of the chair getting rocked often and the few children unable to sit in the correct position due to developmental disability or neurological disorders. The chairs like Leckey Pal and Rifton compass have the option of stabilizers, seat belts, and lateral support to maintain the correct positioning of the child in the classroom.
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Drive Medical First Class School Chair

  • Two adjustable frame sizes to choose
  • Metal construction with high-grade vinyl and foam
  • Seat belt provides pelvic support and maintains proper hip positioning
  • Designed to facilitate good seating posture while in the home, at therapy or in the classroom
Earn 378 Points ($3.80)

Rifton Small Activity Chair With Standard Base

Rifton activity chair size Small with standard base provides active learning to special needs kids at home & classroom, with spring-enabled supports for calming through self-generated motion.

Earn 1620 Points ($16.20)

Rifton Activity Chair With Hi-Lo Base - Small

  • Hi/Lo chair tilts 15° forward and 25° back
  • Activity chair can be easily adjusted without any tools
  • Small activity chair is ideal for user height 28" - 48" with a weight capacity up to 75 lbs.
Earn 4135 Points ($41.40)

Rifton Medium Activity Chair With Standard Base

Rifton activity chair Medium with standard base optimally positions users for feeding & therapy, promoting active learning in classroom or home with tool-free adjustments.

Earn 1665 Points ($16.60)

Pango classroom activity chair

  • Available in Small and Medium sizes
  • It has a unique seat to floor angle adjustability feature
  • Activity classroom chair for children with mild to moderate positioning needs
  • A cushioned seat and back, angle adjustable back, height and depth adjustable seat, and pelvic belt
Earn 599 Points ($6.00)

Bailey multi-use child classroom chair

  • It is adaptable, adjustable and also promotes supportive seating
  • Allow child to focus on developing and coordinating arm and hand skills
  • It is designed to assure good seating posture to special ability children
  • Designed for neurologically delayed or orthopedically involved children up to 40" tall
Earn 352 Points ($3.50)

Bailey kinder classroom Activity chair

  • For home, school, or institutional use
  • Kinder chair is built from natural timber
  • It is a strong and pleasant seating device
  • Back can be adjusted from 90° to 70 °
Earn 191 Points ($1.90)

Bailey adjustable classroom chair

  • 58" body or leg strap with instant release hitch
  • Adjustable classroom chair, styled to resemble a typical classroom chair
  • Designed to provide mild to moderately involved physically challenged children with supportive seating
  • A versatile, comfortable, and attractive chair that can be adjusted to accommodate children of different sizes
Earn 257 Points ($2.60)

Bailey multi-use adolescent classroom chair

  • Adjustable and adaptable chais to match the needs of students
  • Ensure proper seating position, which aids with attention and focus
  • Designed for neurologically delayed or orthopedically involved children up to 48" tall
Earn 456 Points ($4.60)

Smirthwaite Brookfield Chair

  • A robust chair for children from an early age to young adults
  • It provides moderate levels of postural support when seated
  • A unique moulded back to promote central alignment while seated
  • Seat height and depth adjustability and back can also be adjusted in height
Earn 1366 Points ($13.70)

Smirthwaite Zoomi High Chair

  • It can be used at home and in school
  • Easy to clean stable base with slim line footprint
  • Zoomi can be uniquely configured to meet the needs of your child
  • Adjustable height and depth of seat and footrest to suit child and accommodate growth
Earn 404 Points ($4.00)

Smirthwaite Sunni Cafeteria Chair

  • It is designed to fit most canteen chairs
  • Three-point harness for positioning and posture
  • Easy to transport and manoeuvre and suitable for home and school
  • Sunni chair can also be used as a canteen booster chair for smaller children
Earn 320 Points ($3.20)
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