Balance Training & Sensory Motor Products

Balance training and sensory-motor products have proven to be particularly effective in improving balance and enhancing postural control in children with special needs. These products are designed to provide a range of sensory inputs and therapeutic activities that target specific muscle groups, improve coordination, and enhance proprioception. One of the primary benefits of using sensory motor products for balance training in special-needs children is that they can be tailored to meet individual needs and abilities. The most popular brands for balance and support are Tumble Forms, Armedica, Bailey Manufacturing,CanDo, Jett Step, Kaye Products PHS Medical, Skillbuilders, TherAdapt Sensory motor products such as balance boards, wobble cushions, and foam rollers are particularly effective in improving balance and enhancing postural control in special-needs children. These products provide an unstable surface that challenges the child's balance and engages their core muscles. By practicing balance exercises on these products, children can develop better mobility and physical abilities, which can help them perform daily activities with greater ease and comfort.

29 Products

Tumble Forms Barrel Crawl/Roll

    Earn 433 Points ($4.30)

    Tumble Forms Weighted Vest

      Weighted Vests are established with the purpose of calming children with SID and ADHD, with a focus on comfort and durability.
      Earn 106 Points ($1.10)

      Tumble Forms Weighted Blanket

        Tumble Forms weighted blanket is ideal for special needs children that provides a sense of security and relaxation. It is also flame and stain-resistant.
        Earn 53 Points ($0.50)

        Armedica Hand therapy table

          Earn 272 Points ($2.70)

          Tumble Forms Soft-Top Rocker Balance Board

            Earn 297 Points ($3.00)

            Tumble Forms Neuro Developmental Training Balls

              Earn 90 Points ($0.90)

              Tumble Forms Scooter Board

                Earn 252 Points ($2.50)

                Tumble Forms P.T. Prone Positioning Pillow

                  The P.T. Prone Pillow measures 17" wide, 18" deep/length, and 6" tall.
                  Earn 140 Points ($1.40)

                  Kaye Ball & Roll Holder with Mounting Hardware

                  Kaye Ball & Roll Holder with Mounting Hardware for therapy of special needs kids and adults to open up tightened muscles and increase flexibility.
                  Earn 69 Points ($0.70)

                  Tumble Forms Jettmobile

                    Tumble Forms Jettmobile Scooter aids in the development of movement and sensory-motor abilities. It's made of latex-free material that's simple to clean and sanitize with disinfectants.
                    Earn 450 Points ($4.50)

                    Kaye Play Frame

                    Earn 66 Points ($0.70)

                    Bailey adjustable therapy wedge

                      Earn 479 Points ($4.80)

                      Bailey adjustable incline board

                        Bailey incline board is made with naturally finished wood with adjustable degrees of incline.
                        Earn 122 Points ($1.20)

                        Bailey child variable balance beam

                          Bailey balance beam is made with solid hardwood walking beams and hardwood bases.
                          Earn 116 Points ($1.20)

                          Bailey child convertible balance beam set

                            Bailey balance beam has 2 bases, beam and rubber matting on the bottom to prevent slipping.
                            Earn 118 Points ($1.20)

                            TherAdapt wheelchair platform rocker

                            TherAdapt Wheelchair Platform Rockers allow the wheelchair user to experience all the benefits of rocking right from their chair.
                            Earn 1300 Points ($13.00)

                            TherAdapt sand bags

                              TherAdapt sand bag's unique elongated neck, saddlebag shape, and soft "kneadable" contents provide comfortable support for a multitude of uses.
                              Earn 55 Points ($0.60)

                              Bailey foot placement ladder

                                Bailey foot placement ladder comes with adjustable cross bars for different length steps.
                                Earn 197 Points ($2.00)

                                Bailey progressive incline board

                                  Bailey progressive incline board with natural finish and non-slip base with multiple adjustable degrees.
                                  Earn 74 Points ($0.70)

                                  Bailey rocker balance square

                                    Bailey rocker balancing square with 5 inch height and covered with carpet.
                                    Earn 103 Points ($1.00)

                                    Bailey Stall bars

                                      Baliey stall bar used in medicine clinics, gyms, schools and hospitals.
                                      Earn 377 Points ($3.80)

                                      Jett Step Magic Footrest for Students with Special Needs

                                      A simple and revolutionary tool to ground swinging feet. With feet on the ground, bodies, and minds settle down and With JettStep, the student is more attentive, has an erect posture, and exhibits good ankles, knees, and hips positioning.

                                      Earn 124 Points ($1.20)

                                      Kaye Step-Up Portable Small 4" Step

                                      Kaye Step-Up Portable Small 4" Step designed for the special needs kids for their therapy sessions and learning to walk in the beginning.
                                      Earn 89 Points ($0.90)

                                      Tumble Forms Weights for Weighted Blanket

                                        Tumble Forms Weights are formed of lead-free steel shot that is distributed equally in brushed nylon material.
                                        Earn 17 Points ($0.20)

                                        PHS Medical Pass Through Staircase

                                          Earn 896 Points ($9.00)

                                          Skillbuilders Convertible Crawl Box

                                            Earn 720 Points ($7.20)

                                            Skillbuilders Barrel Roll, multi-colored, 38"L x 32"Diam.

                                              Earn 2220 Points ($22.20)

                                              Cando One-Sided Staircase 30 Inch

                                                Earn 2746 Points ($27.50)

                                                Cando Small Two-Sided Staircase With 30 Inch Platform

                                                  Earn 2430 Points ($24.30)
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