Stand-Up Manual Patient Lifts

Stand-up Manual Patient Lifts are engineered to assist caregivers in transporting patients with limited mobility to and from a bed, wheelchair, shower, or toilet. A wide range of sit-to-stand patient lifts are used in hospitals, nursing homes, and private residents for patients with varying degrees of mobility. The Stand Up Manual Patients Lifts are an ideal choice for minimizing lifting injuries to caregivers, preventing falls, and encouraging patient independence by promoting mobility. With the focus to provide support and independence, the manual patient lifts provide a crossbar that users can grasp and use their own strength to pull themselves up into a standing position. With Stand Up Manual Patients Lifts, transfer functions of all types are now quick and require minimal caregiver assistance.
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Proactive Protekt® Dash Standing Transfer Aid

  • Non-slip footplate for safety
  • Cross bar for extra support
  • Molded seat can be rotated upwards to allow for patient loading
  • Ergonomically designed foot pedal offers hands free opening of base
Earn 699 Points ($7.00)

BestMove® STA450 Standing Transfer Aid with Adjustable Base

  • Dual shin pads for extra support
  • Legs open to fit around wheelchairs for easier patient transfers
  • Transfer the patient from a sitting position to a standing position
  • As well as from a standing position to a sitting position
Earn 882 Points ($8.80)

Span America F450T Standing Transfer Aid

  • Encourages activity and helps maintain strength
  • Locking rear casters add an extra measure of safety
  • Easy base width adjustment accommodates chairs and commodes
  • Provide transfer assistance to patients to bear weight in the standing position
Earn 849 Points ($8.50)

BestMove STA400 standing transfer aid

  • Maximum weight capacity 400 lbs.
  • Padded split seats swing out allows the user to stand up
  • Equipped with a crossbar where users can grasp and pull their self-up
  • Convenient foot lever design increases usability and results in quicker transfers
Earn 645 Points ($6.50)

Invacare Get-U-Up Hydraulic Stand-Up Lift

  • Makes sling attachment fast and simple
  • Pump handle can rotate sides for caregiver convenience
  • Offers safety, comfort and stability for both clients and caregivers
  • Low-friction casters make rolling the lift across indoor surfaces easier
Earn 1000 Points ($10.00)

Lumex Stand Assist Patient Transport Lift - LF1600

  • Stable base with locking rear casters
  • A padded split seat swings out to allow loading or unloading
  • Stand Assist is a convenient toileting alternative to a wheelchair
  • Users grasp the middle bar and use their own strength to pull themselves up into position
Earn 640 Points ($6.40)

Handicare QuickMove sit-to-stand Patient Transfer Lift

  • Adjustable lower leg support/knee-brace
  • Adjustable buttock cushions that can be angled
  • Suitable both for long-term and for occasional needs
  • For users with impaired balance and reduced lower limb strength
Earn 2289 Points ($22.90)

Etac Turner PRO Sit-To-Stand Patient Transfer and Turning Aid

  • Provides support and stability
  • Portable device with a small footprint
  • Reduces risk of user and caregiver injury
  • Modify the height to whatever you require
Earn 450 Points ($4.50)

Hoyer Switch sit-to-stand transfer aid

  • Simple, easy-to-use design
  • Compact design is ideal for navigating tight spaces
  • Reduces weight strain on caregivers and minimizes chance of injury
  • Makes short distance transfers easier for both patient and caregiver
Earn 740 Points ($7.40)

Molift Raiser Pro Sit-To-Stand Raising and Transfer Aid

  • Central mechanism makes braking convenient for the carer
  • With a gentle one-hand grip, the leg support is easily adjusted
  • The handle has a soft warm feel and is designed to provide optimal grip
  • Natural movement pattern is stimulated and the ergonomic design makes the user feel safe
Earn 742 Points ($7.40)

Parsons E-Z turn II Transfer Disc

  • The vertical support bar is adjustable allowing for correct user height
  • Provides a safe and easy patient transfer from one seated position to another
  • The knee pads pivot to better fit each individual patient and are adjustable to 3 settings
  • The brake pedal can be pressed down to keep the disc, so a patient can be slowly swiveled to the desired position
Earn 1099 Points ($11.00)

Handicare ReTurn7500i sit-to-stand and transfer aid

  • Requires minimal exertion, even with a larger and heavier user
  • Has a rising ladder of standard height and is appropriate for most adult users
  • An excellent training device, making it an ideal aid to the rehabilitation process
  • It rolls, turns and pivots smoothly and easily on all surfaces, even in confined spaces
Earn 900 Points ($9.00)
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