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Seca Scales

Seca is an ideal for manufacturing scales and aims to provide accuracy thru measuring system and scales facilitating patients and caregivers. Shop for wide range of measuring systems and scales from Seca at the online store of Medicaleshop.
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Seca 777 Digital Column Scale with Eye-Level Display

All patients (especially those suffering from obesity) will feel safe on Seca 777, even if they step on the base's edge. The broad rubber-coated castors and wide wheelbase make it easier for workers to move the scale.
Earn 399 Points ($4.00)

Seca 869 Flat Scale with Cable Remote Display

Earn 279 Points ($2.80)

Seca 874 Flat Scale for Mobile Use with Push Buttons and Double Display

Seca 874 features a two-in-one button that allows the scale to weigh a child in their parent's arms.
Earn 335 Points ($3.40)

Seca 213 Portable Stadiometer

    The measuring rod can be removed and placed securely in the base for simple transport and incorporates a wall spacer for added stability.
    Earn 179 Points ($1.80)

    Seca 354 Digital Baby Scale

    The Breast-Milk-Intake-Function, which determines how much milk the infant has consumed, is an added benefit of this two-in-one scale.
    Earn 219 Points ($2.20)

    Seca 769 Digital Column Scale with BMI Function

    Earn 349 Points ($3.50)

    Seca 216 Mechanical Measuring Rod for Children & Adults

      Earn 122 Points ($1.20)

      Seca 222 Mechanical Telescopic Measuring Rod

      Even the tallest patients can read the results through the telescopic measuring rod. The measuring slide can be folded down for safety when not in use.
      Earn 239 Points ($2.40)

      Seca 813 High Capacity Digital Flat Scale for Individual Patient Use

      Seca 813's extra-wide platform can comfortably support 440 lbs. The strong rubber coating stands up to the toughest difficulties, and the flat design makes stepping on very easy.
      Earn 125 Points ($1.30)

      Seca 803 Digital Flat Scale for Individual Patient Use

      Seca 803 includes four stable rubber feet for secure standing and a two-component rubber coating for comfortable footing.
      Earn 69 Points ($0.70)

      Seca 684 EMR-Validated Multifunctional Scale

      Seca 684 has transport castors, a wheelchair ramp, and a folding seat for safe weighing of standing, sitting, or wheelchair patients.
      Earn 3649 Points ($36.50)

      Seca 750 Mechanical Flat Floor Scale

        Earn 99 Points ($1.00)
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