Ability Switches

Ability switches are devices designed to assist individuals with physical disabilities in accessing and using electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, and tablets. These switches allow users to perform tasks such as clicking a mouse or typing on a keyboard by using alternative methods, such as pressing a button.Some switches can be used in combination with other assistive technology devices, such as screen readers or speech recognition software, to further improve accessibility for individuals with disabilities. Shop for Ablenet ability switches and get free shipping. The most popular switches for home & school use are: Ablenet Blue2 Bluetooth Switch, Ablenet Buddy Button, Ablenet Big Beamer Wireless Transmitter, Ablenet Big Buddy Button. Overall, ability switches play an important role in promoting accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with physical disabilities, allowing them to fully participate in digital and technological developments.

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Ablenet Blue2 Bluetooth Switch

Ablenet blue2 bluetooth switch is a Wireless Speech generating device for easy access to a tablet, computer, mobile phone, or other devices with a Bluetooth connection.
Earn 260 Points ($2.60)

Ablenet Mini Cup Switch

Ablenet Mini Cup Switch comes with wire cable to attach to any speech output device, can be oprerated with pressure
Earn 85 Points ($0.80)

Ablenet Buddy Button

Earn 75 Points ($0.80)

Ablenet Big Beamer Wireless Transmitter

This switch provides large activation surface and fetaures unique wireless codes to eliminate cross-talk between devices
Earn 145 Points ($1.40)

Ablenet Pillow Switch

Ablenet pillow switch looks like a pillow, is a soft and smooth surface for head and cheek activation.
Earn 140 Points ($1.40)

Ablenet Micro Light Switch

Ablenet micro light switch for the special needs individual for easy switching operation with a slight amount of touch.
Earn 95 Points ($1.00)

Ablenet Big Buddy Button - Red

Ablenet big buddy button is an essential part of the people with communication issues for easy communication, comes with a wired switch that can be attached to any switch adapted device.
Earn 75 Points ($0.80)

Ablenet Jelly Bean Switch

Ablenet Jelly Bean Twist has different colored clean snap caps for the swith top to suit the needs and choices of the individuals using the switch.
Earn 75 Points ($0.80)

Ablenet Original Wireless Receiver

A traditional reciever with a built in wire that you can pulg-in and use. It can be used for controlling your computer or any single device.
Earn 120 Points ($1.20)

Ablenet Jelly Beamer Twist Transmitter

Ablenet jelly beamer twist wireless transmitter is designed without cords and cables for easy access and immediate communication.
Earn 145 Points ($1.40)

Ablenet BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch

Ablenet BIG Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch is a highly sensitive switch for special needs individuals who have difficulty in proper communication.
Earn 255 Points ($2.60)

Ablenet Specs Switch Talking Device

Ablenet Specs Switch Talking Device is a small sized switch that can be mounted anywhere for easy access for speech generation.
Earn 75 Points ($0.80)
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