Special Needs Seating & Positioning

Positioning seats are specialized seats that are designed to provide postural correction or gait control for individuals with physical disabilities or conditions that affect their ability to maintain proper posture or control their movements. Postural correction seats are designed to provide proper alignment and support for individuals with poor posture or spinal deformities. These seats typically have a variety of adjustable components, such as a contoured backrest, seat depth and height, and lateral supports, that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the user, contact us for help with measurement. Shop for the best postural support for early childhood & kids with special needs - Leckey Early Activity System, Drive Medical Seat2Go Positioning Seat, Tumble Forms Tadpole Pediatric Positioner, R82 Scallop Pediatric Positioning Seat. Postural correction supports can be used in a variety of settings, including classrooms, clinics, therapy centers & homes. It is important to note that positioning seats should be prescribed and fitted by a trained healthcare professional, such as a physical therapist or occupational therapist. Proper assessment and fitting are essential to ensure that the seat is effective and safe for the user. Additionally, regular monitoring and adjustment may be necessary to ensure that the seat continues to meet the user's needs over time.

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Leckey Squiggles Early Activity System

  • This product consists of a number of soft, bright rolls, wedges, straps and supports
  • Used in combination with the Activity Development Programme by therapists and parents
  • Soft-touch, anti-bacterial, machine washable and tumble dry safe, colourful fabric covers
  • Designed to be used as part of a programme of early intervention to maximise a child’s future potential
Earn 1154 Points ($11.50)

R82 Scallop Pediatric Positioning Seat

  • Scallop is designed to aid in floor sitting and on a chair
  • Used by infants, children and youngsters with mild to moderate disabilities
  • Scallop is lightweight, portable and versatile product for everyday activities
  • Scallop comes in 4 sizes and two playful color combinations - Red & Blue or Green & Grey
Earn 164 Points ($1.60)

HowdaSEAT® - Portable Lightweight Chair for Adult

    • Flexible portable, lightweight seat
    • Durable, lightweight, renewable basswood slats
    • Use the HowdaSEAT on any surface and it relieve back and leg pain
    • Roll it up to the size of a newspaper and take it around with its own strap or in one of our pouches or sling bags
    Earn 78 Points ($0.80)

    HowdaHUG® - Sensory and Portable Seat for kids by Howda Designz

      • Flexible portable, lightweight seat
      • Increases eye contact, concentration, and overall peace while sitting on the ground or in a chair
      • Designed for "fidgety kids" who require intense sensory stimulation to gain focus, calm, and containment
      Earn 74 Points ($0.70)

      Drive Medical Seat2Go Positioning Seat

      • 95° seat to back angle
      • Can be used as an insert for a single or double stroller
      • Double-strap trunk support and a positioning belt
      • Contoured seat prevents child from sliding forward and improves seating posture
      Earn 202 Points ($2.00)

      Tumble Forms Tadpole Pediatric Positioner

        Tumble Forms tadpole pediatric positioner has an anti-microbial protection coating to prevent odors and protects from harmful micro-organism growth.
        Earn 885 Points ($8.80)

        Tumble Forms Universal Side Lyer

          Earn 478 Points ($4.80)

          Tumble Forms Universal Grasshopper System

            The Grasshopper System's non-toxic covering is durable, simple to clean, antimicrobial protected, latex-free, and odor resistant.
            Earn 1599 Points ($16.00)

            Tumble Forms Half Roll Log for Tadpole Positioner

              Earn 72 Points ($0.70)

              Tumble Forms Tray with Mirror for Tadpole Positioner

                Earn 186 Points ($1.90)

                Tumble Forms Wedge for Tadpole Positioner

                  Earn 153 Points ($1.50)

                  Rifton hand anchor

                  Earn 165 Points ($1.70)
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