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At Medicaleshop, you will find an inventory of EasyStand that includes- Standers and their Accessories. EasyStand Sit-to-Stand standers are designed to properly position and support every client while standing, sitting or during the transition from one place to the other.
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EasyStand Evolv XT Sit to Stand Stander

  • Accommodates for hip and knee contractures
  • Designed to fit individuals from 6’0"-6’10” and up to 350 lbs.
  • Allows the user to stand in three easy steps-adjust, transfer, and pump up
Earn 3053 Points ($30.50)

EasyStand Bantam Extra Small /Sit-to-Stand/Supine Stander

  • Matches the child's hip and knee flexion
  • Ideal for longer period standing by shifting positions
  • Adjustability creates the opportunity to stand children with positioning challenges
Earn 1736 Points ($17.40)

EasyStand Glider Sit to Stand Stander - Large

  • For those that self-transfer, it is a quick lateral transfer
  • Glider handles allow an attendant to assist in movement
  • Promotes movement of ankle, knees and hips creating range of motion
  • Combines enhanced lower body range of motion with upper body strengthening
Earn 6304 Points ($63.00)

EasyStand Glider Sit to Stand Stander, Medium

  • Accommodates user height of 4' - 5'6"
  • Comfortable to stand for long time and get a proper stretch
  • Ideal for pre-walking needs, prepares for exoskeleton walking
  • Glider allows for a full stretch of the hips, knees and ankles when gliding
Earn 6304 Points ($63.00)

EasyStand Bantam Sit-to-Stand/Supine Stander, Medium

  • Offers sit-to-stand as well supine standing
  • Modular design works for children who require minimal positioning
  • Can do anterior tilt positioning, posterior tilt in space and a full recline
  • Matches hip and knee flexion of child; then, adjust as range of motion improves
Earn 1911 Points ($19.10)

EasyStand Evolv Sit to Stand Stander, Medium

  • Versatile standing frame with height range of 4' - 5'6"
  • Standing improves/maintain bone integrity/skeletal development
  • Allows for an over-center stretch of the hips and the full extension of the knees
Earn 1899 Points ($19.00)

EasyStand StrapStand Sit to Stand Stander

  • No transfers are necessary with the strapstand
  • Gentle vertical lifting reduces pressure on the knees
  • Lifts directly from wheelchair, bed, or other seated surface into the standing position
Earn 2006 Points ($20.10)

EasyStand Evolv Sit to Stand Stander, Large

  • Open base makes independent transfers easier
  • Comfortable sit-to-stand device with multiple configurations available
  • Provides safe and easy lateral transfer and supportive transition to standing
  • Users can achieve standing position with manual hydraulic actuator or push-button pow'r up lift
Earn 1899 Points ($19.00)

EasyStand Bantam sit-to-stand/supine stander, Small

  • Safe and easy for a caregiver to transfer and stand a child
  • Combines sit-to-stand transition and supine function in one frame
  • Accommodates user weight up to 100 lbs. with a height range of 36" - 54" tall
Earn 1736 Points ($17.40)

Prime Engineering Symmetry Stander

  • Transfer friendly & open frame design
  • Available in youth and adult sizes to accommodate individual standing needs
  • Puts the body in full upright weight bearing and achieve mild hyperextension at the hips
Earn 2265 Points ($22.70)
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