Prone Standers

Prone Standers are designed to provide the user with the benefits of weight bearing in an upright position. Prone standers are a standing aid which supports the anterior of the body while the user is tilting forward. They are designed to meet the persistently changing demands of children with special needs and are easy and appropriate to use with those requiring assistance for transfers.
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Easystand Zing Multi-Position Portable Stander - Package

  • Great for home, multi-user facility or school
  • Up to 15 degrees of abduction per leg – accomplished through a single knob
  • Promotes musculoskeletal development for children during critical growth years
  • Comfortable transfer height of 26" with near flat loading makes transfers more manageable as children grow
Earn 4193 Points ($41.90)

Stanzme Prone Stander

  • Available in two sizes to accommodate children up to 12 years of age
  • Fully adjustable prone stander in size according to the height and position
  • Appropriate for kids who need lower to greater degrees of postural support and control
  • Provides with the ability to experience weight-bearing in an upright or forward-leaning position
Earn 1020 Points ($10.20)

R82 Gazelle PS stander

  • Offers up to 30° of hip abduction in each leg
  • From the upright position the Gazelle PS can be easily folded for transport & storage
  • Tilts from vertical to 15° past horizontal which is an excellent position for respiratory therapy and postural drainage
Earn 3027 Points ($30.30)

R82 Toucan Pediatric Stander

  • Suitable for children from 34¼" to 70¾" in height
  • Easy and steady angle adjustment makes it possible to obtain optimum standing position
  • Distance between side bars of frame allows most wheelchair to go in between, allowing sit to stand transfer
Earn 1130 Points ($11.30)

R82 Caribou standing frame

  • Caribou tilts from vertical to horizontal
  • Designed with a raised frame for easy use of floor hoist
  • Easy tilt mechanism allows the caregiver to have both hands free
  • Multi-position standing frame supports a prone, upright, or supine standing position
Earn 2420 Points ($24.20)

Leckey Pronestander

  • Perfect for use in any classroom, therapy room, or at home
  • Improves pressure relief, promotes bone health and supports vital organs
  • Positional stander designed to accommodate for a large growth range from 1 to 18 years of age
  • Offers five incremental and secure prone positions from 45° to 85° to suit the child's postural needs
Earn 1853 Points ($18.50)

Rifton mobile stander - Mini

  • Strengthen motor skills and work towards independent standing
  • Clients can self-propel in a standing position with removable wheels
  • Accommodates user height of 25" - 32" and up to 50 lbs. weight capacity
  • A mobile prone stander makes it easy to stand even for those with no weight-bearing ability
Earn 2100 Points ($21.00)

Rifton Mobile Stander - Small

  • Suitable for user height of 30" - 40"
  • Extra wide deck allows for transfers & more user participation in sit-to-stand transfers
  • Helps strengthen critical motor skills so a user can progress toward independent standing
  • Mobile Stander easily rolls right up to a table or a counter enabling participation in crafts and other stationary activities
Earn 2375 Points ($23.80)

Rifton Prone Stander - Small

  • Small prone stander accommodates user height of 25" - 48"
  • Positions the user at eye-level to peers for social interaction
  • Provides stretch to reduce risk of lower extremity contractures
  • Provide anterior support and stability while encouraging weight-bearing and use of both hands & arms
Earn 2300 Points ($23.00)

Rifton prone stander - Medium

  • Recommended user height is 44" - 59" and up to 150 lbs.
  • Calibrated angle adjustment positions the client from 0° to 85°
  • Prone stander allow for physical development and social interaction
  • Fully adjustable prone stander can grow with client as their skills develop
Earn 2670 Points ($26.70)

Rifton Prone Stander - Large

  • Ideal for users from 57" - 72" tall
  • Made with comfortable supports to improve hip alignment
  • The caregiver can easily deliver therapy thanks to the S-curve frame
Earn 3270 Points ($32.70)

Ormesa Dondolino Adaptive Stander

  • Can be used by children from 29.5" to 59" tall
  • Makes the child's active participation in the social environment easy
  • Aids in mobility of upper limbs and head, in line with the motor development skills
  • Prone/upright standing frame help children acquire independence in maintaining a standing posture
Earn 1714 Points ($17.10)
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