Foam Wheelchair Cushions

Foam wheelchair cushions provide the best pelvic and thigh positioning, are filled with foam inside, and are best for users who use the wheelchair for an hour or two. Different types of foam including soft foam, poly foam and memory foam cushions are great for anyone looking for a lightweight, cost-effective option. The size of the pressure relief cushions depends on the size of the wheelchair.
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Jay Go Wheelchair Cushion

  • Mild contouring provides additional support
  • Dual layer features a firm bottom layer to provide stable base
  • Soft, mildly contoured cushion is ideal for clients at low risk of skin breakdown
  • Four-way stretch lycra cover is water-resistant and is standard with go foam cushion
Earn 133 Points ($1.30)

Comfort Company Curve Foam Cushion

  • Non-skid flat bottom fabric offers hook and loop attachment
  • Has inferior thigh support thickness of 2.25" and seat thickness is 3"
  • Two cover options available: Stretch-air (airy & breathable) and comfort-tek (incontinent)
  • High density, molded foam increases surface area reducing potential peak pressure areas
Earn 65 Points ($0.70)

Jay Basic Wheelchair Cushion

  • Ideal for intermittent wheelchair users
  • Varying size range can accommodate users up to 300 lbs.
  • Mildly contoured foam base provides support and increase sitting tolerance
  • Beveled bottom reduces hammocking effect of upholstery, keeping wheelchair seating surface level for improved pelvic alignment over time
Earn 61 Points ($0.60)

Jay Easy Wheelchair Cushion

  • Flow fluid insert conforms to each individual's shape
  • Foam base is moderately contoured to encourage proper positioning of the pelvis and thighs
  • Zero maintenance design of fluid insert delivers superior results for the life of the cushion
  • High resiliency foam base accommodates a curved or flat seating surface and Jay flow fluid tripad
Earn 251 Points ($2.50)

Jay X2 Wheelchair Cushion

  • Reduced profile skin protection cushion for active users
  • Pressure on the coccyx bone is decreased by a notch at the back of the cushion
  • For clients who are active, lightweight foam reduces the mobility system's overall weight
Earn 313 Points ($3.10)

Ki Mobility Axiom G Wheelchair Cushion

  • Mild contoured well supports the trochanters
  • Has a properly designed pre-contoured shape
  • Base is constructed with high-IFD polyurethane foam
  • By only using one pleated cover, surface tension is reduced, providing better immersion into the well
Earn 84 Points ($0.80)

Varilite Evolution Cushion

  • Bonding Evolution foam to coated fabric makes the cushion hold air
  • Multi-stiffness foam provides support as the user is immersed in the cushion
  • Perfect for users with a high risk of tissue breakdown and symmetric positioning needs
  • Air-Foam Floatation makes the Evolution ultralight, without compromising pressure distribution and support
Earn 322 Points ($3.20)

Ride Designs Java Cushion

  • Helps decrease long-term skin risk and aids in sitting stability
  • Contoured cushion works by redistributing the forces of pressure and shear away from high risk areas
  • Skin protection qualities can be adjusted through the use of Ride CAM wedges and well inserts to adapt to change
  • To keep skin cool and dry, a ventilated base design, contoured top foam, and a breathable spacer mesh fabric cover all work together
Earn 326 Points ($3.30)

Comfort company Ascent Foam Cushion

  • Viscool® foam insert contours to your body
  • Provides skin protection for ischial areas
  • Available with either stretch-air or comfort-tek fabric cover option
  • Pelvic, lateral, and medial thigh supports promote postural alignment
Earn 114 Points ($1.10)

VS3 ViscoRide Wheelchair Cushion

  • Affordable pressure management cushion
  • Increases comfort and prolongs the time between position changes
  • Provides ultimate seating support, ensures comfort and well-being of clients
Earn 189 Points ($1.90)

Jay Ion Wheelchair Cushion

  • Visco memory foam top layer distributes weight over a larger area
  • Dual-layered foam base is for a combination of structural support and comfort
  • Dual cover system on ion foam cushion is ideal for convenience and protection
  • Comfortable skin protection and positioning wheelchair cushion is composed of a multi-layer foam base
Earn 264 Points ($2.60)

Stealth Tru-Comfort 2 Skin Protection and Positioning Cushion

  • Deep contoured, high density molded foam base
  • Easy-pull rubber loop zipper handles given on both sides
  • Height of the cushion is 4½" and accommodates users up to 450 lbs.
  • Coolcore chemical-free cover technology maintains proper contact skin temperature throughout the seasons
Earn 329 Points ($3.30)
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