Comfort Company Back Supports

Comfort Company back provides less stability and less support for the upper spine. Comfort back gives additional lateral support and helps the user to retain the ability to move within its supporting shape. We carry Elements foam backrest, Acta-back, Acta-relief and Acta-contour wheelchair cushions.
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Comfort company Acta-Relief Back

Comfort company acta-relief back enables more aggressive shaping of each client's natural structure to support many seating postures.
Earn 660 Points ($6.60)

Comfort Company Elements Foam Wheelchair Back

Comfort company elements foam wheelchair back has innovative strapping system at the back to hold the posture and maintain stability.
Earn 348 Points ($3.50)

Comfort Company Visco Back

Earn 417 Points ($4.20)

Comfort Company Acta-Back LTS Back

Comfort company acta-back LTS back has a three-layer foam composition with a soft visco surface layer.
Earn 673 Points ($6.70)

Comfort Company Acta-Embrace Back

Comfort company acta-embrace back has aluminum stays that are offset from the cushion's center, relieving pressure on the spine.
Earn 501 Points ($5.00)

Comfort Company IncrediBack Back

Comfort company incrediback moldable back support is quick and easy to install, reclines up to 30 degrees.

Earn 413 Points ($4.10)

Comfort Company Acta-Back

Moldable aluminum stays contour to the user's back and provide support
Earn 481 Points ($4.80)

Comfort Company Acta-Back Deep

Comfort company acta-back deep backrest has a dynamic nature of adjustments because of thin profile and greater range of motion.
Earn 570 Points ($5.70)
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Select up to 4 items to compare.