Leckey Standers

Leckey Standers designed ideally for children with limited mobility to fulfill their standing needs and other therapeutic benefits. Medicaleshop holds Leckey standers including Leckey Mygo Stander, Squiggles Stander, Horizon Stander and much more at unbeatable rates only at the online store of Medicaleshop.
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Leckey MyWay+ Gait Trainer

  • Multi-functional castors
  • Open-front design for exploration and participation
  • Unique corset-like harness for optimal stepping pattern
  • Provides maximum opportunities for interaction, exploration and participation in a supported, upright position
Earn 2634 Points ($26.30)

Leckey Squiggles+ Special Needs Stander (Package)

  • Bilateral hip abduction of up to 60° can be achieved
  • Squiggles+ is especially suited for abducted standing
  • Increases comfort for users as they distribute pressure
  • Offers three-in-one standing: prone, supine and upright
Earn 4193 Points ($41.90)

Leckey Totstander

  • Compact and easily transported to different environments
  • Helps promote active standing, movement, and weight shifting depending on the child's level of ability
  • Simple and easy-to-use upright stander can be used as an evaluation tool for therapists to assess child's standing ability
Earn 965 Points ($9.70)

Leckey Freestander

  • Ideally suited to the classroom, home or therapy room
  • Makes day-to-day activities easier for children in any environment
  • Designed for kids and adolescents with moderate to complex postural needs
  • Strong, height-adjustable frame is designed for ease and accessibility in mind
Earn 1685 Points ($16.90)

Leckey Pronestander

  • Perfect for use in any classroom, therapy room, or at home
  • Improves pressure relief, promotes bone health and supports vital organs
  • Positional stander designed to accommodate for a large growth range from 1 to 18 years of age
  • Offers five incremental and secure prone positions from 45° to 85° to suit the child's postural needs
Earn 1928 Points ($19.30)

Leckey Mygo Stander

  • Enhances functional reach and improves range of motion
  • Can be easily configured for the postural and comfort needs of a growing child
  • Designed to enhance development to both the bone and muscular structure for kids with moderate to complex positioning needs
Earn 3043 Points ($30.40)

Leckey Squiggles+ Stander

  • Beneficial for effect on hip joint formation
  • Enables interaction with their peers at the same level
  • Squiggles+ is recommended for user height of 29.5" - 43.5"
  • Provides hip abduction of up to 60° in prone, upright and supine standing
Earn 2950 Points ($29.50)

Leckey MyWay+ Special Needs Gait Trainer (Packages)

  • MyWay+ frame is an open-front, hands-free design which makes discovering easier
  • Unique corset-like harness delivers stability required to develop head and limb control
  • Supportive gait training walker for children which is all about providing children maximum opportunities for interaction
Earn 3873 Points ($38.70)

Leckey Horizon Stander

  • Rechargeable remote control adjusts angle from 0° to 90°
  • Designed for users from kids to adults with complex postural needs
  • Provides outstanding postural support and pelvic stability in either prone, supine, or upright positions
  • Perfect for the classroom and home settings, allowing eye-to-eye contact and freedom for hands to move and develop motor skills
Earn 1236 Points ($12.40)

Leckey Squiggles Multi-Position Stander

  • Has large growth range for kids 1 - 5 years of age
  • Standing supports vital organs and improves circulation
  • Adjustable three in one stander: Prone, supine and upright
  • An adjustable postural support ensures optimum comfort and positioning
Earn 2791 Points ($27.90)
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