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RAZ Design

RAZ Design designs and manufacture high quality healthcare products ensuring comfort seating, accessibility and adjustability. RAZ Rehab Shower Commode Chairs are made of Electro-Polished Stainless Steel frame with adjustable backrest, moulded commode seat to name a few. Medicaleshop carries a full range of rehab shower commode chairs from RAZ.
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RAZ-AP Attendant Propelled Mobile Shower Commode Chair

  • Four casters are dual-locking
  • Armrests can be flipped up for easy transfer
  • Easily propelled by an attendant, or by the user
  • Stainless steel frame is durable and easy to clean
Earn 1441 Points ($14.40)

Raz Design RAZ-AP600 Heavy Duty Mobile Shower Commode Chair

  • Tension-adjustable vinyl back upholstery
  • Comes standard with 4" of height adjustment
  • 5" dual-locking casters for users up to 400 lbs.
  • Provides maximum comfort and maneuverability for users
Earn 2546 Points ($25.50)

Raz Design SP600 Bariatric Mobile Shower Commode Chair

  • An open front for easy access
  • Flip-up padded armrests for added comfort and support
  • An adjustable-tension fabric backrest that provides support and comfort
  • A large, molded soft foam seat that is contoured for pressure reduction and pelvic stability
Earn 2971 Points ($29.70)

RAZ-AT Attendant Tilt Mobile Shower Commode Chair

  • Height adjustable stainless steel frame
  • A unique frame design that uses lockable gas springs
  • Chair can be tilted up to 40° for added pressure relief
  • Allow the user or attendant easy side and front access
Earn 2801 Points ($28.00)

RAZ-AT600 Attendant Tilt Bariatric Mobile Shower Commode Chair

  • Seat belt for added safety
  • Removable commode pan for easy cleaning
  • Armrests that can be folded up for sideways transfer
  • Four locking casters for stability when the chair is in use
Earn 5096 Points ($51.00)

RAZ-CAT compact attendant tilt shower commode chair

  • Compact shower commode chair for kids and small adults
  • Provides a fit that is better suited to physically smaller clients
  • Stainless steel frame with growable back frames to accommodate every client needs
  • Easy to maneuver compact shower chair with 40° tilt range and adjustable back angle
Earn 2886 Points ($28.90)

Raz Design ART Tilt Shower Commode Chair

  • Armrests that can be folded up for sideways transfer
  • Rotational ability to 360° allows the user to be easily turned
  • Rail for toilet bucket or bedpan makes it easy for the user to use the toilet
  • Fold-out footrests with calf protection helps to prevent the user's feet from slipping
Earn 2801 Points ($28.00)

Raz Design ZÜM-AP Attendant Propel Folding Mobile Shower Commode Chair

  • Flip-up armrests can be flipped up to provide more space
  • Lightweight and portable and folds up for easy storage and transport
  • Adjustable seat height to fit most users, making it easy to get in and out of the chair
  • 5" dual-locking casters provide smooth mobility and can be locked in place for stability
Earn 2036 Points ($20.40)

Raz Design ZÜM-SP Self Propelled Folding Mobile Shower Commode Chair

  • Height-adjustable seat for comfort
  • Stainless steel frame for durability
  • Adjustable-tension fabric backrest for support
  • Folding frame for easy transport and storage
Earn 2546 Points ($25.50)

RAZ-SP Self Propelled Mobile Shower Commode Chair

  • Adjustable-tension fabric backrest
  • Molded commode seat with IPAS system
  • Easy-to-clean, polished stainless steel frame
  • Self-propelled wheelbase with 22" rear wheels and 5" front casters
Earn 2053 Points ($20.50)
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